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  1. I'm keen to experiment with casting some car parts or 3d prints but I haven't yet due to cost of materials and not having a vacuum pump. Have you found anywhere in NZ that has reasonable prices for resin?
  2. That mini looks sweet! Well done!
  3. Thanks! I surprised myself with how that turned out, actually lol. I painted it using an airbrush with Tamiya Metallic Orange and 2k urethane clear for the clear coat.
  4. I'm trying to stay interested in doing 1:24 scale models, but the end result seems to be much more appealing than the actual building, but I have several kits to build, so must keep going. Here's a couple pics of my latest build: And here's what I'm currently working on and I cannot wait to have it finished!
  5. This can be done from the router side by setting up reservations in your router settings. You need to know the MAC address of the device and the IP address you want to give it. Most routers allow you to set reservations. This way you can have your devices set to automatically get an IP from your router, and they'll always get the same one. You also don't have to manually configure each device. You can usually also change your DHCP settings in the router to give out more dynamic IP addresses too, if you need more addresses
  6. Haha, yeah! The noise went away when we took out the loose catch can we realised was left rattling around in the engine bay
  7. They look similar to connectors on my Mitsubishi injectors. I think they're some sort of generic Bosch connector from memory. Edit: These, maybe? http://www.nzefi.com/product/bosch-ev1-fuel-injector-connector-compact-clip-version/
  8. Pictures aren't working for me. Are they working for anyone else?
  9. Wanted to come to this, but I had commitments that day Any pics?
  10. Ah, looks like it's 5 inches wide then, according to this? https://www.tyresizecalculator.com/wheels/wheel-markings Sounds teeny tiny?
  11. Manual says wheel size is 5J-13. Couldn't find any markings on the wheels.
  12. I wouldn't have a clue, to be honest. Whatever the standard steel wheels are on a Lancer EX.
  13. Yeah I thought this might be the case but I remember them being on when I was driving through town, so I don't think they only come on with high beams, or it's broken. There is a manual power switch inside the cabin. I want to remove them for now because I've just had the front bumper painted and it looks so clean without the spotlights, so I want to get rid of the messy wiring with them.
  14. Just putting this out there. Is there anyone in Hamilton who's good at automotive electrical stuff who might be keen to come to my house and sort out this birds nest of wiring for the lights? There's 4 relays set up both for the headlights and the spotlights and I thought I could just remove the 2 relays for the spotlights, but it seems it's not that simple as they're also wired in to the headlights and I'm a bit lost. Happy to pay with your favourite beverage, or cash if you can help me
  15. Thanks for all your advice everyone. I think I'm going to see if I can try some 165's on these wheels and see how they look, if I remember correctly they may have looked a little baloony last time I had them on, so may stick with 165's as long as they're still available, we'll see! Thanks again
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