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  1. Scrubb

    Identify these electrical plugs please

    They look similar to connectors on my Mitsubishi injectors. I think they're some sort of generic Bosch connector from memory. Edit: These, maybe?
  2. Wanted to come to this, but I had commitments that day Any pics?
  3. Scrubb

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    Ah, looks like it's 5 inches wide then, according to this? Sounds teeny tiny?
  4. Scrubb

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    Manual says wheel size is 5J-13. Couldn't find any markings on the wheels.
  5. Scrubb

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    I wouldn't have a clue, to be honest. Whatever the standard steel wheels are on a Lancer EX.
  6. Yeah I thought this might be the case but I remember them being on when I was driving through town, so I don't think they only come on with high beams, or it's broken. There is a manual power switch inside the cabin. I want to remove them for now because I've just had the front bumper painted and it looks so clean without the spotlights, so I want to get rid of the messy wiring with them.
  7. Just putting this out there. Is there anyone in Hamilton who's good at automotive electrical stuff who might be keen to come to my house and sort out this birds nest of wiring for the lights? There's 4 relays set up both for the headlights and the spotlights and I thought I could just remove the 2 relays for the spotlights, but it seems it's not that simple as they're also wired in to the headlights and I'm a bit lost. Happy to pay with your favourite beverage, or cash if you can help me
  8. Scrubb

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    Thanks for all your advice everyone. I think I'm going to see if I can try some 165's on these wheels and see how they look, if I remember correctly they may have looked a little baloony last time I had them on, so may stick with 165's as long as they're still available, we'll see! Thanks again
  9. Scrubb

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

  10. Scrubb

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    I've had 185's on one of my other Lancers before and I did notice quite a difference and the steering was heavier, but the biggest difference was the grip was probably 500% better than the 165's which was awesome! - hard decision for me. Speedo reading shouldn't be too much of an issue, I think:
  11. Scrubb

    Tyre tread pattern vs width

    Okay, so I have a couple of noob questions which I can't find any answers for online and hopefully some of you guys can fill some gaps for me. I need some new tyres for my EX Lancer, and because my car is so clean and original, I think I've decided to keep the original tyre size of 165/80R13 instead of going for the wider, more commonly available 185/70R13 to preserve that same ride and feel the vehicle would have had back in the day. I have Toyo T1R's on my Turbo lancer for when I want that more sporty feel. There's a couple of tyre models and brands I'm contemplating and I realise grip is always going to be a huge compromise at this small tyre width, but I'm looking at these: Goodride RP28 Goodyear DuraPlus (Asymmetric) Toyo Nano Energy 3 Eco Premium (I have these on my gf's car in 185 width and have no complaints) So my questions: 1. Am I being silly going for the skinnier 165mm width tyres over the commonly available 185? 2. With the smaller width, would there be a potential disadvantage going for the asymmetric tyres? 3. Can I tell by looking at the tread pattern what characteristics a tyre might have? (Does this even matter for such a small width?) Thoughts/suggestions/criticims?
  12. Scrubb

    CAD drawing library

    I've just added my 4G63 intake manifold drawing which has the fuel pump hole blocked off to allow for external pump:
  13. Scrubb


    Yeah, I was sure they did too, but the only thing they could do for me is make up some paint from different swatches they had, and of course nothing matched I've got a panel beating place painting my front guards and bumper at the moment so I've asked them if they can match some paint for me
  14. Scrubb


    Thanks torton. I'll try them Resene and if no luck, then Linkup
  15. Scrubb


    Seems there's a few people in the know about paint on here. Would anyone be willing to help me get some colour matched paint? I only need a small amount as I just want to use my air brush to touch up a couple interior pieces that got scratched up during recent repairs and maybe paint a couple small pieces. Autolink told me "too hard" and another panel beater told me "We only deal in 2k paints and it's illegal to sell any to you". What a load of shit as I currently use 2k clear to paint my car models. I have a plastic trim piece which is coloured plastic (textured, but the underside is smooth) and a painted metal trim piece (textured) to take samples from. Oh, and I'm in Hamilton.