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  1. Yes, I've done all that but limited to only reserving 8. For some strange reason it isn't working for me anyway, they're being assigned new Ips no matter what reservation I'm setting for them. so far, the whole system has been working flawlessly and the only thing I have done is set the lease times to max (I think it was one week)
  2. Dude, this is what I need. I thought it could be completely done from the router side. Thanks mate
  3. Dude, this is what I need. I thought it could be completely done from the router side. Thanks mate
  4. Sounds like I'm lucky as is. 10 lights, 2 Chromecasts (older 2.4only models) Ac controller, 2 switches, dehumidifier and air purifier on the 2.4ghz band, so 17 devices The other 5 are cabled computers or 5ghz casting devices. What I want to know is: If I plug another router into the current one, can I put say 8 of those devices listed above on the new router, halfing the load on the original router? or is there some sort of bottleneck. I had an inkling at it being down to how devices are assigned Ip's I set static IPs for the things I didnt want to drop off, but for some rea
  5. Huawei HG659, standard issue skinny/voda is my main router connected to the fibrebox. I have use of some old netgear or a belkin n600 router as a secondary
  6. Hi, sick of trawling google not getting straight answers and many of you clever chaps will know! I have started with some basic home automation stuff, google home hubs, wifi lights, chromecasts, heatpump controllers, wifi outlets etc etc, everything works fine and dandy. Anything that supports 5ghz network or lan cable is done so, freeing up the space on the 2.4ghz network which many things (all the lights) are on. It seems i've hit the max number of devices connected before one gets randomly booted off to replace another at about 22 The Lan cable and 5ghz are never booted, so i'm
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