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  1. I've tried searching for this, but cannot get a grasp on the mechanics involved. I'm trying to play around with fuel tank location ( more specifically the outlet of the tank ) vs caburator intake and the line work involved. how much "suction power" does the venturi effect of the carb create? Can you run the fuel tank outlet lower (about 10mm) than the carb. Thanks for any input
  2. This is fukn choice man!! If you do end up getting a hard top, keep the soft top. It's one thing that i regret doing.
  3. Wow!! this thing is amazing. Looks choice.
  4. Ah the ever detail spotting O/S CSI team are quite the experts. As Matt said above, after the legnum got stolen I was in a dump for what car to buy next. I was looking at either a turbo city, or this "1978 mitsubishi lancer" that was on trademe without any photos. After a few weeks the guy uploaded some photos, Low and Behold (sp?) it was my old car! So I ended up buying it back off the guy for 1k more than I originally spent ( which i think more than covers any repair bill I would have faced ). So, Yes it is the exact same car There are a few minor things wrong with the car, but nothing I can complain over : - The front black strip was never put back on - Front bumper does not align propperly
  5. So long story short, After I sold the MX, I bought a vr4 Legnum. That car was a blast to drive around, so comfortable and generally awesome. Then someone decided they needed it more than me and kindly removed the car from my possession one evening. Time for a new car it was. After trawling trademe like one does when searching for a new car, I finally found my dream car. Drove to Auckland one fine Sunday to pick up me new vehicle. it looked something a little like this :
  6. heh.. you made me giggle dusty. I remember those wheels. Good times.... good times.
  7. I work in Te-Rapa now, and live in glenview, so it's my daily route that I take.
  8. Made some frame rails at work out of 3mm GR350. Can't wait to install them this weekend. also, someone should buy this so I can buy a wagon. Pictureless updates are boring, so here is a happy puppy
  9. depends, what are you looking at doing? any structural modifications need cert. The frames measure 65(w)x45(h)x1.2 wall. If I replace them with something that's 65x25x5mm would that be ok? What sort of strength are we looking for, second moment of area?
  10. Hey cletus, what is the go with chopping frame rails shorter, but then welding beefier steel in? would that need to be certed? Or would it be ok if it looked legit enough?
  11. fuck, your work is always so inspirational. I wish I could just whip things up the way you seem to. everything is looking good in both builds so far.
  12. 1.was that yesterday around 3:40ish? if yes then most likely yes. 2. did it have a fantastically awesome silver roof?
  13. here is my mold slowly taking shape. This is a MUCH longer process than anticipated.
  14. amazing scalp massage I want one. Well thanks for the thought mate. And while I do agree BBS rims do look the part, I'm happy where I am, for now. But if you want to buy me some Axis OG wheels for christmas, then I defiantly wont say no. explain/provide other ideas have you gone through this thread? the first about 10 pages is people giving me "ideas' on what I should do.
  15. so please do tell, If you are wanting me to replicate that "Stance" how is 7j by 20p going to help? Wheels will be Hellasunksofardownyouwouldn'tbeabletoseethemfromthefrontofthecarflush. and how are those yellow speed dynamic pro [seems like it needs a few more adjectives like "super dynamic extreme drift pro" ] any better for slammage than my current megans?
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