Avenga's 1UZ V8 powered 1980 Avenger Wagon

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On 02/12/2018 at 11:16, johnny.race said:

Hey bro, I am rapt you have been giving your car big arse trips and laps and having little to no problems. I'll echo what the others have said - you've carried out a quality build for sure. I missed reading the above threads about some of the details concerning the cert. He (your certifier) did get intouch with me to check out/verify what I had put in the Differential Work Declaration. He wanted to be confident that I had some idea of what I was talking about. Fuck, he left disappointed :( Nooooo!! Hehe!! He was sweet as after we discussed a few things, but mostly after I told him I have done a heap of them and have built diffs (and do diff work) for one of the local certifyers down here - that he knows. Maybe he rang him up? I dunno. So yeah.   

Thanks for all your help with the certing process! I have been having a blast driving it since then!

@Ashkellybarr @sluggy Thanks guys. I spent freaking ages doing that engine bay and I am always stoked when everyone comments on how clean it looks. It was my first engine loom so it was a bit daunting but because I have had years of building gaming PC's and hiding all the wires on them then I treated this the same way. And I love the way the air intake turned out, that has to be the number 1 talking point every time someone sees the engine, I have never seen it done like that before, and it took me a lot of head scratching before I figured out how I could make it all work. I'm glad I did though because those trumpets look damn cool.

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