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Official Mitsi weirdo buys another weird Mitsubishi

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years ago I had a later model black 2nd gen 30M diamante, it wasn't a bad old barge went semi hard (for what it was), perhaps a bit ahead of it's time being mid 90's with a 5 speed tiptronic  trans. (i think my 2004 wagon still has a pretty similar trans too)


Interior of your machine looks pretty similar to how I remember mine.

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Apparently it was over $90k when new (which I find hard to believe myself!) The previous owner's brother bought a GTO brand new but found it impractical so traded it in some months later on this.

The 2.6L Magna is so weaksauce compared to the Diamante - 120hp vs 220hp, beam axle rear suspension vs multilink (for JDM FWD) or double wishbone for AWD, shit Aus built low quality interior etc. The 1st gen Magna I had in Aus was noticeably not as well built as the JDM or even Todd built Galant/Sigma equivalents I had in NZ.   

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Saw this on Trademe too, as a typical Mitsubishi foamer I, had too take a noesy at the listing. I have always liked the shape of the early 90s Diamante's. There ain't no 30R-S examples like this around now.

Glad that it has gone too a good home.

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Ok now this is where things get a bit more serious.

Myself and Damien just collectively bought this, a flood damaged 1992 GTO twin turbo - he wants the engine and I want the rest of the driveline. It has all I need to convert to 5 speed manual (would have preferred 6 speed but they are harder to come by, especially for this price), large 4 pot brakes up front, bigger vented brakes in the rear, larger turbo diff and axles and the 17" OEM wheels which I like the look of. It looks to be lowered too so those struts could be swapped over.




Now I just need to book a trip back to NZ some time soon.

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So I finally came back to NZ in December and gave the car a bit of a clean up, found some original 15" wheels (that I probably wont end up using now), and then put it on gen 1 GTO 16" wheels:
Took the 17" wheels off the parts GTO including Enkei alloy spare and extra 17" as spare
Obtained some gen 2 GTO brakes along with the gen 1 GTO front brakes from parts car (rear gen 1 brakes are same as stock Diamante). Also large plenum 380 manifold obtained to modify.
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