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Discuss here about Yoeddynz's little Imp project...


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25 minutes ago, cubastreet said:

I remember talking to my boss in Manchester about the morgan he used to own. He went all misty eyed as he described it.

Then he snapped out of it and told me how much more practical his Fiesta was. Poor, broken man.

We're such romantics.

Anyway back on topic: did you know the imp was based on a fire engine?

Great story about the pump engine, well worth reading the Coventry book.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I walked away from my phone while it was playing one of Alex's videos the other day and then came back to find Youtube had gone down the rabbit hole of coventry climax history... Fascinating.

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2 hours ago, locost_bryan said:

 Marina nats last weekend.. 

May be an image of 3 people, car and road

I was thinking 'marina nats, in nz? That's a good turn out. Then I looked at the pic again and realised - nah, that looks just like a summer day in the UK'.

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