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Alt whine in speakers


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Hey guys, just after some advice. This has been driving me crazy. My headunit picks up alt whine. The higher the revs the higher pitch. I've tried

Different alt

Playing around with founds on alt headunit amp amd battery,

I've tried grounding my headunit to my rca

I've been to an audio shop and they had no idea, said they could try a lot of things but would be trial and error

Whine gets a lot worse when I also charge my phone in cigarette lighter.

I'm sick of driving around with a Bluetooth speaker. Please help

Car is a 1990 skyline r32

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Are you running an external amp? Run a new power feed direct from the battery if you haven't already, make sure you have a solid earth direct to the chassis (don't use whatever is in the wiring loom). Trial connecting the ACC supply to the B+ as well.

If you are still getting whine then you may have to fit a noise filter, or get a new headunit.

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Coil on plug with these things ? Surprised your having this problem i used to get it 20 years ago in my teenage days shitter.

Try another head unit once you have run your power back directly to the battery on your existing one. If your using an amp your RCA leads might not have sufficient shielding or a broken wire internally.

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Hey, thanks for all the helpful replys so far.

First I'm running an external amp, pretty sure I've tried removing that and running speakers straight off headunit. Same problem.

I've tried a few different head units. A new Bluetooth etc one is a lot worse than my old one that only does cd and radio

It's a rb25det so is running cool on plug I believe?

My old man suggested suppressors the other day, that's what got me thinking about this problem again.

I've played around with a million earths. Headunit to Rca cable new earth on block on alt on battery,

Battery is in the boot so Rca and power supply aren't together.

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altanator seems iffy. Goes flat if I don't drive every couple of days.but that could also be battery. Is the second alt I've tried.

I tried another head unit today(first time in months) and it's doing something I forgot about. When you take the volume down to 0 or change radio station, it makes the sub do a big pop. Quite loud. Does that help at all?

Cheers for all the help though guys!

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Im going through the same delema man. My headunits brand new, tried different amps etc

I did find my radios earth a bit dogey so fixing that helped but didnt fix it.

Im running two amps though and one of my rcas is running beside the power wire from memory so thats one thing for you to check as its a no-no.

And i need new rcas so see how it goes

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