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I went and ordered the PC-1 chain today which was all I need to finish putting it together.

Then couldn't wait for it to turn up so I've poached the PC-1 off my singlespeed mountain bike :lol:

I've put on the guards too which makes it look a little more civilised and no-longer hipsterish.

Its actually rediculous how much faster it is than the turbo. So light, the right size for me and the skinny tyres... 8)

Anyway, pics:





so slammed 8)

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I was trying to point the pivot as close as I could to the rear tyre contact point, in my brain that would make it more stable. But there was only so far down I could point it before it interfered with the bottom tube.

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I was planning on trimming them and tidying it all up once I had sussed out that it worked.


I'm still not convinced that i don't need to try and angle the pivot down a bit more. I think if I could get it pointing at the ground in front of the back wheel it would be more stable to ride.

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I've been wanting to cycle to work more often and use my car less. The biggest barrier to this is that I always need to be able to pick up or drop off the kids and always seem to be needing to be able to carry lots of stuff. We did an E-bike conversion on a mountain bike for my wife a couple of years ago and its been awesome. So I've decided to have a crack at building myself an E-bike, that can carry the kids and/or some stuff.  I'm opting for the long-tail style rather than the front load "cargo bike", mostly because it looks much much easier to build.

Somewhat inspired by:

@ThePog feel free to chime in with any lessons learned.

Things I want:

  • Low bar / ladies frame so I don't roundhouse kick the kids
  • 26"+ Front wheel
  • 20" rear wheel with a hub motor
  • Under-rack mounted battery
  • Decent solid basket/rack on the front
  • Long seat on the rear that the kids can sit on with something to hold onto, and that I can attach the toddler rack seat to.
  • Storage in the cavity between seat post and rear wheel

I've got an old 10 Speed to adapt. So have started taking measurements and sketching things up.






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As it happens it is free opinion Friday.

Mostly have a look at the trail/rake etc, something about the long wheelbase fucks that up a bit, not bad it gets a bit weird. Like it needs a bit more trail to keep stable.

Don't forget tie down points.

Mig is fine.

Thats it. 

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