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Cheers Vege-lee. I think it was just the position that the seat is in. And my hips might have been hugely more bent than normal cos of the stretch to reach any useful part of those bars which would give the illusion that the cranks were further forward.

I didn't notice the chainrings being any different to ride with. But with the aero and skinny arse tires its bloody quick. Grab a harder gear and keep pedalling, it doesn't get any harder, just goes heaps faster. I'm going to strava some rides to uni and compare speeds with my healing :lol:

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Whats the best way to get the shifter posts off the downtube?

I don't want to simply attack them with a grinder and then find that they go right through and I now have a big hole in my frame.

Are they just braze-ons or would they go all the way through?

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Got sick of studying this afternoon so I stripped down the Tri-Ace for weight comparisons :wink:





The Chrome Giro is a bit bigger than I was expecting when I bought it. I think it might be a bit big for me ideally.

Putting the two next to each other, the Tri-Ace appears to have a lower bottom bracket, I dunno what effect that has?

I think the Tri-Ace weighs about 3.5kg including forks and bottom bracket. Its hard to tell exactly though cos I'm just weighing myself and then myself+bike on the bathroom scales, its not that scientific for exact weights, but it does give a reasonable comparison of which is lighter - The Tri-Ace beats the Giro by around 300g.

I would say the extra weight is in the forks as the ones on the Giro aren't the originals I don't think.

I think the Tri-Ace will be the better bike for me, down to its size and that its the lighter of the two. It has Tange 900 steel.

I spied an old Avanti Ultra at uni today, its my size and has Tange Infiniti steel. Was thinking if I see it again I might offer him a hundy for it :lol:

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The mudguard eyelets were another + that I had noticed too.

I have had a bit of a look on the net, they seem to just be braze ons, lots of people cut them off and file them smooth, others heat up the brazing and pluck them off. Might try cutting them off.

Or mount a bell or light on them haha

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I've got a 40% uni test this afternoon so I decided I'd get into the shed for a couple of hours to clear my head a bit.

Bit of careful hack-sawing and then alot of very careful filing:





Will talk to the powdercoating peoples tomorrow.

POGWARD - How hard do you think it would be to drill the drop-outs for stops to set the chain tension? I'm thinking pretty fucking difficult. To the point of totally not worth it?

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It would be a bit pointless TBH, all they do is give you a stop point as you pull the axle back, which is infinitely more useful on a derailleur bike due to all the gubbins needing alignment to stay the same if you take the wheel off. I never bothered on any SS I have had.

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Finished yet?


It still needs a chain as I decided I don't want to use that one. And one of the brake adjusters has rusted stuck on the caliper.

I also need to do the bar tape and mud-guards but the guards need a bit of pissing around.

Have an assignment due tomorrow :?

gonna get sweeter pedals?

Yeah man, gonna run some SPD's but gotta buy new shoes first.

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It will be considerably less hipster when it has mudguards and a carry rack!

I'm trying real hard to avoid it being hipster. Thats why I went for re-building an old bike over buying one of these:


which would have been cheaper...

I'm going to get some decals made for it to give it a vintage Italian look at some stage

summary: Get fucked Dylan cos its in the shed next to the Mifa!

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