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I cut the rear triangle off the morrison today. It left huge big holes which I didn't expect so I pinched some roll cage offcuts and reinforced it.



managed a couple of real nice welds


and a couple of not nice ones


Did a little jig.


Man its hard to get it squared up on such a shithouse jig haha

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What would you guys do here?


As you can see when I extend the downtube it will completely miss the other frame.

I was thinking of getting a piece of tube bent to fit like this:


Or I could lower the front of the white bike, but then the bottom bracket is quite close to the ground, (center of bb to ground is 245mm) but if I keep it where it is in the photos its 265 which still seems low.

Another option is to move the bikes closer together but I think I have got the spacing pretty right for it to be comfortable without having the back persons head mushed into the front persons back (too many fronts and backs in that sentence!)

Any ideas that are better than mine?

This is how it is looking at the moment


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Actually I think a better solution would be to shorten the tube you added in, and make the white ones steering tube parallel to the red ones seat post and leave a ~10mm gap between the two and fill it with something then weld....?

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haha I'm a mechanical engineer! student Over in Riccarton.

That was an idea I'd had but I don't really want to make it any shorter. Id rather work harder on making it work than shorten it and have it be uncomfortably short.

I think getting a tube bent would be the best solution, to go cheaper though I could cut of the existing downtube and re-attach it at a better angle so it reaches the red bike

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I decided to cut out that downtube and put it back in on the new angle. Worked sweet as, was just a little bit annoying coz I had to cut out the bottom tube that I had partially welded in before to do it properly.

Got it all welded up now, have load tested it with me and my flatmate on it.

Rolled down the driveway to see that it rode straight, kids out on the road reckon its "Gangsta" haha but they think it needs to be a tripple. Feels like you are trying to turn a bloody oil tanker.

Now I just gotta strip it and paint it and buy all the cables and a stem and stuff like that.

does a stem exist to fit a 1" diameter steerer? I want to put a stem onto the seatpost for the rear handlebars

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Ok you wouldn't believe this, measured the ID of the tube I left over from building the frame and it fit the seat post perfectly, so I measured the OD and it fit the stem perfectly! So I put a cut along a short length and boom, sleeve to make stem fit seatpost.

The bike is painted now but I'm having trouble with the white on the guards, i think it was a bit cold when I sprayed it so it has heaps of runs and is taking ages to go off so I can colour sand it and put on another coat.

Took it out for its first ride before and it was allgood, only had one gear and only a front brake coz I have no long cables yet.

I also hadn't thought enough about the chain tension and am regretting not looking into it before I painted the bike. At the moment I'm going to try and build a tensioner out of an old rear derailleur and the clamp from an old front derailleur so I don't have to weld my painted frame.


EDIT: Oops I thought I had a photo of the painted guards, this is just them sanded ready to paint


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Yeah I was thinking a ghost sprocket would be the way to go too. I don't have a sprocket in my spares big enough though.

I tried this idea just now:


Its like a floating tensioner, seems to work but is noisy as all hell. I might ride it to uni tomorrow just to see how it goes.

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I couldn't get the paint to happen nicely on the mudguards but it looks ok from a couple of meters back.

I just rode it to John Bull Cycles in town and picked up a brake and gear cable for it.

Not a flash photo but you get the idea:


EDIT: I also made a tensioner similar to what longbike has.

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Grants car is coming along aye, chassis is almost fully welded now. we had it on wheels last week and have had the engine mounted. All the wishbones and suspension parts are away being powdercoated at the moment I think.

I don't yet know how I will transport the tandem. I'll have a measure up to see if it will fit on my bike rack without the wheels on (although the guards will still stick out so there is possible no point in this) or I might have to make a roof rack for it.

When its back in new plymouth will probably just leave it at louella's coz its in town and then we can just ride it from there to the pub and the beach and shit like that

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With the massive step-up in the ancientness induced cool factor of all the other bikes turning up to the tweed rides, I think it is just about time to squeeze some more cool factors out of my old healing.


I now see the use for loooooongbike! (aside from just being badass)


Was thinking pretty much the same but re-paint, moustache bars, leather grips, brown seat, was thinking of maybe painting it beige with brown accents or pinstripes or something

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