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Not really keen to get another bike. I've got soooooo many already.

I've always been torn between leaving the paint the same or changing it drastically. I've got a brand new brown head tube emblem for if I do ever paint it. I'm also pretty keen to keep the mudguards on coz I ride it to uni every day and they keep me dry.

Perhaps I should just do something to tidy up the bars and levers, chuck on a better seat, maybe throw an old dynamo light set at it and see how it looks

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Well I finally put some bar tape on my flopped and chopped bull-horn bars back in like february and also a nice brown seat, I have been riding it like that for a while.

I decided a while ago that I wanted to get some moustache bars and could finally afford it but then I got a $200 no-rego parking ticket :x so that plan has been put on hold.

However after a well worded letter to the council, the reply came back yesterday and I got off the fine :D so off to the bike shop today.

New bars, levers and cables. I've got some brown bar tape on order to match the seat but in the mean time I needed a temporary solution for the tweed ride tomorrow.

So I cut up a wrecked old tweed jacket :lol:

Quite pleased with how it looks! But I don't think it will last very long.



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Picked up Ladaspeeds german MIFA last night.

Couldn't help myself but get dressed up for a ride to the bike shop in town :lol:


Its mildly terrifying to ride, mainly because the handlebars are so far behind the axle line and the brakes are nearly non existent. Was excellent fun though.

I found one of the crank nuts had wound most of the way off when I got home though, will get some loctite to sort that bugger out.

In other news I have bought these for my Turbo


and am going to get a sealed cartridge bottom bracket for it as the old one sounds very dry and grindy.

Managed to justify the new cranks to myself by saying that the old cranks can go on the tandem to replace the crazy 3 bolt one which has a bent chainring 8)

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So this is what happens when I have assignments due...

In an effort to avoid any productivity in my studies, even my healing gets worked on...



This bike is starting to get some pretty good gear on it considering the frame is so shit.

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Does anybody have an old steel framed road bike frame lying around?

I'm after something roughly medium sized but really want something super light made from awesome steel.

Something that would have been awesome in its day.

I'm looking to replace the frame on my Healing Turbo cos it weighs several tonnes.


Any condition is good.

Christchurch would be awesome, New Plymouth would be another good location, but if the price is right (and its a sweet enough frame/bike) it can be anywhere in the country.

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The reason for the aforementioned bicycle diet is that I will be moving back to New Plymouth in October, where the rest of the world (namely the pub) is downhill from home. Thus if I ever want to return from the pub (not sure why but just incase) I need to make this beast climb.

I have been running it single speed for ages by just choosing a gear from the cluster and running with it. The freewheel I'm running at the moment is absolute rubbish and I don't think it would survive many drunk races home. Also the rims I'm using at the moment are chrome steel jobbies, they look lush but they are bloody heavy too.

So I have bought a single speed hub, and hunted through all the spare parts floating around here and found a couple of nice araya aluminium rims which I'll build up for it.

After lifting ladaspeeds gun blued tarini and realising just how light a STEEL bike could be, some work needs to be done :shock:



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This update isn't relevant to my sweet sweet old bikes (well it kinda is cos it has seriously delayed the major spending required for the healing diet)

I was cleaning my Torrent today and discovered the aftermath of a high speed trip out the front door on mount grey a couple of weeks back :(



I had gone to bunny hop a log at rather high speed and just didn't quite clear it, the bike disappeared from underneath me at a great rate of knots into some nice big rocks.

When I got back on the bike the forks felt slow, so I blamed it on that, told my mates the cold must have been fucking with my fork oil viscosity (it was like sub zero) so I wound a couple of clicks into the rebound.

That picture doesn't do a flash job of showing it, but there is a bloody solid dent where the deep graze is, and its right where the bushes go :(:(:(

So I'm thinking it will probably be a little more than just replacing the lowers. Will discuss it with the insurance company tomorrow morning.

Completely ruined my day finding that. :doubt:

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Tossed out a couple of sneaky bids on things over the last couple of days. Unexpectedly no-body bid against me...

So now I have bought both of these:

Chrome Avanti Giro


Milazo Tri-ace


Will figure out which I like more, steal the parts I want (like those amazing bars on the tri-ace) and sell the rest.

I might continue this process through several iterations over the next few years (much to the horror of my fiance) :lol:

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So I've got the Tri-ace now, still waiting for the Gyro to turn up.

I have a bad personality problem where I buy something for a purpose, and then it arrives and I go all "oh nah its too good to do that to!"

This thing has amazed me, all the cables are rusty as. The tyres looked completely fucked. Chain looks rusty to the point where I didn't think it would turn.

Put it on the bike stand, pumped up the tires (so far they are holding 80PSI) put it through the gears. EVERYTHING WORKS FLAWLESSLY :shock:

And i also discovered it has elliptical chain rings 8)

This bike fuckin rocks. Instead of stripping it down and turning it into my single speed commuter. Now I want to start doing triathlon so I have an excuse to leave it as is haha. Can't do that though cos then everyone would murder me when I buy yet another bike for the commuter.

I will take it for a ride up the port hills before I strip it though. If only just to try out those bars!

The tyres dunno what the fuck they are, the rear says its a 700x20c and it looks tiny compared to my 23c's, but the front says its a 700x25c, but also looks equally as midget when I hold up my 23c next to it :?

I've cast it over the scales and its about 11.5kg in full trim, so by the time I have got rid of some crap and added some different crap, it might be getting to around where I want it. I'm not going to put the chrome steel rack on it from the healing but I would like to run the mudguards.

Might try and find a light-weight rack, as it is super handy as I found yesterday when I impulse bought a pack of 10 vice-grips at bunnings when all I went for was welding tips.

Tl;dr?? Fair enough

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dismantling/selling/throwing out or doing anything with the Turbo frame will be the hardest. Its been such a trusty steed.

I think I'll end up pulling all the useful things off and just hanging the frame and fork on the wall on display.

Just rode the tri-ace to uni. Feels pretty fast, nice and smooth despite the tiny strips of rubber at 100PSI. Those bars are pretty weird to ride with haha don't think my back can handle full aero position + look like a total homo riding in my slacks and tee-shirt in full aero position :lol:

Does anyone know the geometry differences between a road bike and a tri-bike? I felt like the bottom bracket is further forward, but probably just need to put the seat where I want it/tear off those bars :lol:

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