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Design thoughts?

Stop using autocad.

Edit: sorry that was unduly harsh, it is just that a little part of me dies when I see autocad in use...

Whats wrong with autocad???

I could have used solidworks and done a full solid model of the whole thing but I only wanted to know what lengths of steel needed to be added

motrax kit inbetween?

i like it, i want to build a quad to race at taupo (weird but i want to make cycle fags look stupid by beating them on lol worthy machine).

I really wanna ride this thing to a party after I've built it and then offer a chick a ride home :lol:

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Yeah I like the bottom one better too, flatmate was trying to talk me into just welding the headtube of the rear bike onto the seat tube of the front bike but i reckon it would just make it way way way way tooo short for the rear bike.

Lou is short but not that short haha.

I've got a shitty little gasless mig here that I had planned to use for it, its not great but i can get a decent looking weld out of it.

Also from time to time there is a guy here with a tig set welding my flatmates race car, so if I time it right...

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Stripped down the donor bikes last night



Girl bike gives it to boy bike, wonder what will be born?

Also went to go and pick up steel and found that my corolla has a flat battery :?

So had to do this:


I now see the use for loooooongbike! (aside from just being badass)

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