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Htown Fizzboat


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Im waiting for glue to dry on this thing so decided to make a photo journal.

So once apon a time there was a boat that worked in the no longer used mangere sewerage ponds,

It was made from bits of other boatds and bits of trailers, It was put to tender,

my father purchasing it for $1500 big ones to use to clean up the Onehunga lagoon, which had a

weed problem at the time,

So it did this for a few years getting beaten up, (at one point the entire top ripped off it, pushrods were regularly straightened with a hammer etc), once the lagoon was tidyed up, it sat in storage,

looking like this


One day me, Peter T and my old man decided to go for a hoon on the manukau, so we bashed the pushrods straight, and took off to a sandbar for lunch,

then Peter T and I decided to give it a paint job, a new engine cover, a new exhaust, alloy cylinder head, a late model webber, join the Manukau crusing club and enter some DYO racing, and wakeboarding which was great.

So now it looked like this



The trailer was hacked together, and had a 100kg counterweight, so it was shortened, new guards, blasted and painted bright green, which turned out to be a bad colour choice when a guard fell off on the motorway one day, so it was then re-re-hooped out and painted grey after the police kindly gave my guard back.

So then after a few of these sweet ford crossflows, modified carbs, big cams, etc, the final straw

was our bad-ass line bored big doller new everything bus engine caught on fire on the waikato,

Some nice guy towed us back


Next was a link storm, a xr6 n-a engine, and the associated adaptor plates, and a reco jet unit,

Which Vvega tuned and was great at 60 something kph




Then after a few teething issues and a lumpy broshaft, It was good for a few more kph, and most importantly, 2 chicks said it sounded badass without being asked, which made it worthwhile.

Neither of them was liv my gf which was a double bonus.

After a un-fruitful skiing season, too much work and not enough play, combined with Independent brewrys stopping producing Bighorn lager, a Waterskiers staple food, we barely got out in this thing,

Then one day , I saw phreaker off here was offering his eaton M90 to marktenfizz, So i snapped that stz up and put it on, whith some JILLYYZZ AU.







And then Vvega came to auckland, we put in a walbro pump, some big injectors, braved a tsunami, and we went and tuned that shit, which was reasonably uneventful, note the sweet dry tuning exhaust.


which made for a metric back to the futuristic 88kph, The boat is on the verge of falling apart at this speed,

as the first picture shows, the hull is a pig wearing lipstick.

So now just a few teething issues like the starter falling off to fix,

and glueing bits of Exeloo toilets onto the lid to cover the supercharger,

(which ive sent to be sign written with some cool stripes and stuff, hopefully it turrns out cool)


And yeah we kept tearing the floor out, so i cut it up and made it super strong,


Its really loud, I dont think Jillys were a good investment,

Will take a better picture of it when its outside next, have a build a new pole too.

And thats it for now, thank you for reading.


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engine cover came back from the sign writers, so i put some louvers on it and installed it again, Need to sort out a new skipole still.




I decided to put a cock on it too that pisses everywhere to check if the heatexchagers still getting water, goes real high.


no more excuses to not work on cars now

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