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New LVVTA tyre-rim size chart.


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Cool. And no doubt issues with people coming back whinging about failing a wof or some such shit.

Was just raising the point because it bewilders me when I go around to places waving good money at them and understanding the implications of what I'm doing, only to be told "it can't be done" or some such nonsense.

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Does anyone on here know of any tyres that can be certified on 15x9s & 15x10s? 

Awaiting my order of RS Watanabes from Japan.

Been in contact with Toyo and they had nothing...

Falken said they had lots to suit, then sent me the above sheets ^^ then put me onto Mag n Turbo Tauranga who were helpful for about 5min then stopped returning my emails.


The cost of the tyres isn't really a big issue, just would rather have it all legal..

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29 minutes ago, Bling said:

Anyone got a current source for the wheel / tyre stuff? LVVTA site seems down for the information and most other links are dead. I knew I should have saved it!

Saved it to my dropbox


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