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    Altezza torsen LSD into Corona F series

    Awesome thanks for the quick reply!! I'll take it to a shop to get it set. I'll PM you now

    Altezza torsen LSD into Corona F series

    Hi Guys, I'm putting an Altezza Torsen LSD into my Corona coupe IRS F series diff. So I've taken the open head out and have put the new LSD diff head in. It seems very tight with the original shims... and is very tight to turn where the driveshaft bolts up. Does it need new thinner shims? Or is it suppose to be tight? Thanks!

    Nissan Sr18de fuel economy??

    I had a 1997 Aveinar wagon (sr20de manual) about 6 years ago. From what I remember it did around 8-10L/100km around town and 7-8L/100km on the open road. Anything this old is not going to be super economical but they are not bad dailys!

    New LVVTA tyre-rim size chart.

    Does anyone on here know of any tyres that can be certified on 15x9s & 15x10s? Awaiting my order of RS Watanabes from Japan. Been in contact with Toyo and they had nothing... Falken said they had lots to suit, then sent me the above sheets ^^ then put me onto Mag n Turbo Tauranga who were helpful for about 5min then stopped returning my emails. The cost of the tyres isn't really a big issue, just would rather have it all legal..

    Need sr20de vvt ECU diagram.

    I need to find a ecu pinout diagram for a s14 facelift vvt sr20de with all the wires labeled. Been spending ages on google and can find every other diagram just not this one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Widening 3 Piece Alloy Wheels

    14" Any width within reason.

    Widening 3 Piece Alloy Wheels

    ^ Awesome vid. Got a quote from Gavin Batemen if anyone is interested on updated prices. $185 per wheel for new bands + $40 for polishing + GST. (extra for getting old bands taken off). Metal spinners are off until mid jan so have to wait quite a while to get them made...

    Steering rack bracket...

    Your right the P/S rack fits in without the curved lower section, its just im not sure what to use for the top bracket to hold it in with?

    James's 1984 Corona Coupe GT-TR.

    Have been doing a bit on the corona lately. The build wasn't going exactly as I wanted it so to make it more of a car I could just jump in and drive I said goodbye to the ca18det. An am just going to run the vvt sr20de n/a. Gave it a clean up and used alloy cleaner + waterblast and came up mint. As well as the sr20det gearbox. Picked up some grubby enkei easy riders for the rear (starsharks on the front). After waterblast: After alloy cleaner: Got the lips laithed off and measured up for my new ones. 4.5" lips front (8.5" wheel), 5" lips rear (9" wheel). Started paint stripping, just deciding on colour, may go with the original gold? Going to start on paint over christmas.

    Steering rack bracket...

    I've decided to change my manual steering rack out for my power steering rack on my corona. On one side of the crossmember it fits fine and bolts up but on the other side it goes from this diameter: To this diameter: And I have these brackets: Which they are to small. Can I just bend up a piece of steel to make a bracket to hold it in? Or does it have to be the proper power steering bracket?? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!

    Widening 3 Piece Alloy Wheels

    Sweet thanks guys. Have already got an engineer to take the small lips off so just need to get them measured up and order. So is the best way to contact Gavin Batemen through the mobile number on the 41degreewheels website?

    Widening 3 Piece Alloy Wheels

    Sorry to dig this old thread up. I have a set of 14s that I need new lips made up for. Is Gavin Bateman still the person to talk to? Any ideas on prices? Or is arrow wheels a better bet? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. +1 for the Panasports. I get that your going for "Boso inspired" But kinda looks a bit fanboy spec with the rusted bonnet. Would look sick with the oil cooler mounted in behind where the grill is suppose to be and a white bonnet.

    shaneo 78 MK2 escort sport bike carbed

    What kind of price did you pick them up for? I've been looking round for some but can only find them in the states and UK on ebay...

    shaneo 78 MK2 escort sport bike carbed

    What kind of turbo set up are you looking at doing? I could be keen on the bike carbs for an sr20 motor I have... Thinking about going N/A in my ca18det corona coupe. Ca18det's a pretty common swap into an escort? food for thought..