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Testament's Fiat 131R


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Plans are to get it goin again as soon as I can, this requies:

finish the work on the front end and get it painted

re-wire front of the car

reassemble the car (as much as required)

finish building the turbo engine I have been working on, except I'll bolt the supercharger on it initially as this will be easier/cheaper/quicker to get sorted

get cert/homologation/authority card sorted

then go do some trackdays/hillclimbs more or less as it was. Once I have it going I can think about other stuff such as putting a huge snail on it, or installing trick suspension etc.

FYI the previous setup was

Lancia Volumex engine

132 diff w/disc brakes

uno turbo front brake calipers and OMP cross drilled discs

lowered heavy duty suspension (dont know what springs and shocks they actually are)

15x7 performance superlites

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Thats a nice collection of engine bits you have there.

I am building an 8v as well but N/A.

Are you going to run standard 84mm turbo/supercharge pistons?

Are you going to re bore the block?

For my engine I have the 84mm 105tc pistons and after reading a lot on the Guy Croft forum I was thinking blow by might become a problem. Thoughts?

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yeah Volumex = supercharger/supercharged engine/supercharged variant of the Lancia Beta called the Beta Volumex, or just VX

volumex engine


Beta VX coupe, and the weird looking wagon version, Beta HPE (High Performance Estate)


The pistons I'm using are are new old stock volumex ones, standard 84mm bore, the block is pretty good so will be ok with just a hone and stay at standard bore. as long as piston to bore clearance is < about 4-5thou and you have the correct ring gaps it should be ok.

105TC pistons in a 2L is pretty high compression 11.5:1 or something, you will want to do a dry build probably, and definitely if you use big cams.

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