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  1. http://www.jaycar.co.nz/productView.asp?ID=ZD1902
  2. you can also borrow my mammoth one if you like or need two for some reason
  3. for your fuel pressure you may get away with having a T piece after your FPR so 1 end is connected to carb and the other goes back to tank
  4. as above, i've given mine no special treatment whatsoever. just broke bead in a vice, inserted flapper and re inflated, no prep. The rim surface was a bit rusty/scaly so maybe that helps them get traction? 175/70/13 on a 6" rim
  5. nope, B and +B are the on power and STA is the start power/signal
  6. Thats pretty much the bare minimum aside from alternator and gauges. If your not sure on the relay look harder at the wiring diagram. EFI main and circuit opening is pretty much just a lush relay setup to switch ecu power and run fuel pump. Handy in a crash so when you explode the fuel pump doesn't keep pissing 91 on your burning corpse http://club4ag.com/tech-specs/4a-ge-20v-japan-silver-top-ae101-ecu-pin-identification/
  7. As already been said air tool oil does the job nicely
  8. sorry unable to attend as have shit due tomorrow and just generally poor
  9. I fucken love this thing, was a absolute delight to drive back from Napier! hauled ass with the old turbo setup, you'll have to take me for a ride when the new setups sorted Yowser!
  10. deff roll a WG flexi also
  11. do not use that shit on the crank nut for the love of god! a dot of clean oil along the thread is fine.
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