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  1. Take it to Aussie, it would be the ONLY one on the road.
  2. These are rare but $5k is still top dollar. It wont be an easy sell. If I would find an immaculate original, collectors item I would pay that.
  3. You'll cry when you blow the diff. They don't take too much abuse.
  4. Wow, nice one. That looks like a great example too. Ive had 3 of these over the years. The OE turbo is rubbish, it will fail if you turn the boost up. They usually fail at standard boost after 100k or so also. The injection system will supply enough fuel for over 160HP if its in good condition.
  5. Uno turbo I assume you mean. They are SOHC 1301 or 1372. Delta engines are DOHC, totally different. THEUNO use to belong to a friend of mine, he sold it recently. haha
  6. Ray has a Quaife diff too for his 130TC. He would probably be very interested in that crownwheel I would think.
  7. FIAT

    Diesel oils

    Will depend of the exact oil, not that it is just "full synthetic" Read the API specifications.
  8. FIAT

    Diesel oils

    Read the specs, most diesel oils are fine for use in a petrol. They will usually have an API rating suitable for petrol. e.g. CD/SG etc. CD is the rating for Diesel, SG is the rating for petrol.
  9. There souldn't be any surging at all cause the supercharger will keep the boost levels consistant as the turbo is spooling up. I can't even see a way of VVega's set up stalling the turbine wheel on deceleration which means you could nearly run an open exhaust with little noise. I have been around almost every type of turbo setup there is including working on plane engines for Air New Zealand and the idea of the reed valves is the most simple yet effective I have ever heard of. The only draw back I can see is the life of the reeds depending on their design. But VVega has a reputation for being a very clever guy so I'm sure he has worked out the best way to do that. Corey The reed valve on the turbo will stay closed though (i.e. zero compressor flow lb/min) untill the turbo pressure equals the manifold pressure provided by the SC. Lets say thats 10psi. On say a TO4E 50 trim compressor 10psi @ anything under 12lb/min = surge. The more boost provided by the SC the worse it gets. If the boost was kept quite low it may work ok.
  10. One problem with a reed valve in front on a turbo would be compressor surge. It would surge like mad as it starts spooling.
  11. I would like to see a compounded twin turbo setup on a car one day. They work well on Diesels.
  12. That would work, but you'd need a reed valve on the SC too.
  13. Best way IMO is: Intake - turbo - Intercooler - SC - Aftercooler - Manifold Run a bypass (not a clutch) on the SC as soon as the turbo spools, most modern SC have a bypass built in for cruise conditions so not hard to adapt. Check this setup http://www.turbo124.com/forum/viewtopic ... lit=Morris
  14. Aftermarket throttle bodies + LINK ecu. It was originally red too. Non of them were that shade of blue. The Quaife Tipo diff fits in the gearbox fine, it just does not fit the crown wheel. I wonder what Stacey did.
  15. The car is in Bulls, in a shed going nowhere most of the time :(Not sure if it has rear coil overs but I think so. I know it had front coil overs at least. It last raced with a very "standard" engine, just bolted together with 105 pistons, 105 head from a used 105 motor and 45 carbs I picked up some engine blocks for the 16V build about 12 months ago but they have just sat in the garage ever since. Blair is going to put the engine together, we were trying to decided on what block to use though, Croma turbo or VX. We decided to go with the VX block as it would be less of a headache and more of a bolt in. The VX block is a NOS complete shortblock too so it only needs the pistons swapped. Pity, it would have been put to better use in a RWD forced induction setup. There is a mocked up engine in the car. Custom headers and inlet manifold have been made. Its getting EFI and quad throttle bodies. The engine internals will be standard to start with. It really just needs the engine put together, fitted and tuned. Ray bought a Quaife diff for it too but we cant figure out how to fit it yet, its for a Tipo gearbox. I noticed Stacey bought one too, maybe he will figure it out and save us the trouble.
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