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  1. plasticdash

    Metric fine CSK socket screws....are they out there?...

    do you have a steelmasters branch in your area ? they are quite likely to have them/can get them/ can get them made even
  2. plasticdash

    re oiling sealed shocks

    yes you are correct, on a mono tube the high pressure nitrogen is seperated by a piston but on a twin tube it pressurises directly onto the oil by the looks
  3. plasticdash

    re oiling sealed shocks

    Thats awesome ! . to re gas em fit tyre valve type fitting to tube and pump up with nitrogen (inert) after re oiling ? what you reckon ? ive got a full spare set of shocks from daily to try this out on
  4. plasticdash

    re oiling sealed shocks

    can i be ultra cheap and re-oil shocks with a slightly heaver weight oil (ie a 40weight) i guess i can drill, drain, tap and plug, and refill them to gain some more shock compression resistance? or is it far too gash ?
  5. sanding them takes a lil sand and try and repeat. and if you over sand you can always build them up with some solder and a lil propane torch.
  6. plasticdash

    JB Weld epoxy compound....Anyone used it???

    ive got some metalset - which is awesome 2 pack epoxy stuff have fixed fueltanks, flogged out brackets and even mufflers over the years not the greatest for load bearing threads thou
  7. plasticdash

    LB/FT rating for shortened shock and spring

    thats 520 lb per foot. not lb per inch
  8. plasticdash

    EvoBillys lil yellow civ eb3

    semi auto Trans will take Castrol TQ95 , dry fill 4.2 L
  9. plasticdash

    Running different width tyres on a full time 4wd vehicle

    Chur, thats a great answer . van im looking at has 8.5's and 9.5's on it currently ... with 215 50 17's all round . looks a bit too stretch for my liking or for heavy loading/northland roads/deewuns etc
  10. plasticdash

    Running different width tyres on a full time 4wd vehicle

    You were too busy eating a pie , ok so whats the answer to my question vehicular is nissan largo 4wd fronts 225 45 17's rears 255 40 17's 0.24% difference in circ. equates to 2.4m difference in travel per 1000m
  11. Whats the go with running different width tyres on a full time 4wd vehicle - , just wondering what % different rolling diameter is ok before the centre diff gets unhappy (open centre diff - difference calculated at 0.5% to 0.9% depending on wheel options) edit - found a staggered wheel option that will allow 0.24% rolling difference
  12. plasticdash

    1979 lancer spedo accurecy

    chuck the speedo sender gear off the 4 speed into the 5 speed and u'll be all smiles
  13. plasticdash

    MACKAZs 22 buick rat

    have you considered a transverse leaf IRS subframe from nissan serena/other gayvan for the back end ? might be able to get it lower ? diesel diff is a 3.6 from memory. is drum too in 5x114 too I'll have to pop over for a squizz sometime.
  14. plasticdash

    Boosted 202 maaaate

    I had a kit, it was a CDT one, had a log manifold, inlet manifold, t04 turbo, 2" SU carb, water injection. was fairly ag-spec by todays standards. also had decompression plate. turbo had no wastegate, but there was provision for one to be put on the manifold (which was split pulse)
  15. plasticdash

    battery light on but still charging???

    check the alternator case is well earthed to motor and chassis. (and the engine/chassis earth lead isnt kaput)