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  1. Durapox is great for industrial stuff and car floors etc but it goes hard as rock so using it as an etch on a resto type job wouldnt be ideal. best stuff to put over bare steel is 2 pack epoxy etch, then do any filler work etc over that, then more epoxy to seal it off then use 2 pack high fill primer for filling sanding scratches etc. 1: best way to get all of that rusty primer off is a DA and a whole bunch of sanding 2: any 2 pack epoxy will be good, bog can be a personal preference but I use the upol fantastic. go to complete paints or total body shop. complete paints may be a bit more helpful seeing as you're new to paint. both in onekawa 3: I'm a panel beater in Napier, old cars/rust is my specialty. PM me if needed
  2. I just use a buff and some medium compound, does the trick nicely. would work by hand too with a bit more elbow grease
  3. for a gauge with heating aluminium you can set your gas torch to a real sooty flame and put a bit of the carbon over the aluminium to be heated and then go about heating it with your normal flame untill you start to burn the carbon off, at that point its hot enough
  4. will have a hunt around at work tomorrow, we have some old x? stuff/ should be the panel shops problem to find the parts not yours
  5. I was there for this a couple of years back, insanely huge, didnt see anywhere near the whole thing but would highly recommend it