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  1. KK's XE Falcon Longroof - Discussion

    will have a hunt around at work tomorrow, we have some old x? stuff/ should be the panel shops problem to find the parts not yours
  2. JasonK's Dead Sled

    Cheers guys. Figured out the noise was the heat riser flap in the exhaust.
  3. JasonK's 79 Chev Caprice Hearse

    A few weeks back I took the caprice down to levin to get it certed for the bags, only failed on a couple of little things: the nylocs on the shock mounts only had about one thread sticking out and needed to have at least 2. on the top of the shocks I'd used 2 nuts (as it was from factory) but needed to use nylocs instead I needed my air lines clamped every 300mm and they were only clamped where I thought it needed to be to keep it tidy etc So nothing major so was pretty stoked about that and it worked out really well as the cert guy was coming up to the swapmeet this weekend so he did the recheck on friday afternoon, so now I've just gotta wait for the cert plate and will be legal again
  4. JasonK's 79 Chev Caprice Hearse

    Have changed the flex plate for a brand new one, everythings bolted up tight but still makes the same noise! anyone got any idea's? must be time for a beer
  5. JasonK's 79 Chev Caprice Hearse

    Got it all driving again last weekend and cruised around a bit, was definitely the metering rods stuck down in the carb, also chucked a new set of leads on and seemed to be running real well. finally remembered to take some pics of the whole car: However I noticed a bit of an intermittent noise kinda like a bolt rattling in a tin can, so checked everything was tight etc but it sounded like it was coming from the gear box so I was thinking cracked flex plate, so pulled the gearbox out tonight and found this: pro parts have one listed on trade me so I'll go in and get it tomorrow, Hopefully that"ll be the last of the issues before wagnats!
  6. K-Trips 1982 Holden Commodore VH

    na pulled it out and still did the same without one
  7. K-Trips 1982 Holden Commodore VH

    Took it out for a cruise, was going mint (had cut the cat converter out that afternoon) and was noticing a power increase, then went to come home and 80kph was as much as I could get out of it and didnt have the power to make it up the hill, but would rev up resonably well under no load, ended up walking up the hill and getting lee to pick me up. Have cleaned out the carb and I think the metering rods may have been stuck down but havent driven it yet so not sure thats fixed it
  8. K-Trips 1982 Holden Commodore VH

    Shit good work. must be a week for broken down wagons haha
  9. JasonK's 79 Chev Caprice Hearse

    Finished off the bags a few weeks ago, was a bit slack taking pictures but heres what I did take Front shocks relocated: Tank and compressor mounted: [/url the bag side of things seems to be going all good, have driven it a few times and rides nice with about 100psi front and 40 rear. But took it to the local burger fuel hot rod night on tuesday and cruised around a bit and all was going well untill time to go home when we got on the open road it didnt wanna go faster than about 80 so stopped in at Lee's and checked the basic stuff and carried on, but once we got to the hills it just had no pull at all so ended up walking to get signal and got Lee to give us a lift home. Had a bit more of a look yesterday and have given the carb a good clean out, I think the metering rods may have been stuck down but I'm not sure. it seems to be running a bit better but hard to say until I drive it tommorow as even when it wasn't going well if you gave it a rev up it didnt sound too bad
  10. JasonK's Dead Sled

    I'll take some pics next time i'm under there. Havent done the shocks as yet but will mount them to the side of the bottom arm and make a bracket tto go on the chassis and pick up the top bolt. will be part of this weekends mission
  11. JasonK's Dead Sled

    its not quite as low as I was hoping but where it is now it'll meet the scrub line rule
  12. JasonK's 79 Chev Caprice Hearse

    so after spending way too long trying to find drop spindles for this I decided to bag it, so right after hawkes boes I put it in the shed and pulled the springs out then made up all the brackets to bolt the bags in with. Front: and rear: So now they're all in and plumbed up, pretty much just got to finish wiring the valves up, mount the compressor (a york air con pump), mount the gauges and some tidying up and it'll be time to think about getting a cert.
  13. 1957 Ford Prefect - Grandma Spec

    So this is all sorted for a vin now, hopefully get it in this week, also spent the day flatting and buffing it, then put on a couple of coats of wax, came up pretty good. Also while we were in the states last month we picked up a set of braided leads for it, looks a lot nicer than the in your face red ones.
  14. Threeonthetree's V8 Belmont

    haha i think this is a universal thing on Q's, I could shift mine pretty quickly without jamming it but ever time it went for a wof the guy would always stuff it up and be stuck in first right round the block
  15. So Bought this about a month ago, the guy selling it said it was running but had no drive. So got it home chucked a new filter in the gear box and filled it with oil and now it drives. Rego's on hold, have just gotta do a little bit of rust work and get an idler arm for it and then will go for a wof, then of course slam. hopefully all in time for nats. It's reasonably tidy and the only thing i've noticed that's missing is the bottom part of the dicky seat. might respray it at some stage but for now just keen to roll it as is Discuss: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/36715-jasonks-dead-sled/