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  1. for a gauge with heating aluminium you can set your gas torch to a real sooty flame and put a bit of the carbon over the aluminium to be heated and then go about heating it with your normal flame untill you start to burn the carbon off, at that point its hot enough
  2. JasonK

    Wagnats History

    ok I'll take one too thanks KK
  3. JasonK

    KK's XE Falcon Longroof - Discussion

    will have a hunt around at work tomorrow, we have some old x? stuff/ should be the panel shops problem to find the parts not yours
  4. JasonK

    Hot August Nights 2016 (reno)

    I was there for this a couple of years back, insanely huge, didnt see anywhere near the whole thing but would highly recommend it
  5. JasonK

    Hawkes Bay Holla

    true that, july/august is always busy. We're always keen to drink at the bogan farm, should have the drag strip up n running by then too. On another note, we'll do new years again this year if people are keen
  6. JasonK

    Hawkes Bay Holla

    Oh that was me above
  7. JasonK


    Waterborne paints really need to be sprayed in a booth with an accelerated drying system, and your air etc needs to be cleaner than it does for solvent based paints, you also dont tend to get as much depth of finish with it, and the fact that you need to clear it with a solvent based clear, makes it kinda a big outlay to get into it at this stage but no doubt the technology will get better in time
  8. JasonK

    Panel Beater for Insurance Job?

    I cant suggest anyone but you have the right to choose your own repairer, but they will try pretty hard to steer you toward their approved shops
  9. JasonK

    Windscreen help

    The "black glue gunk" you're looking for is urethane sealer, you'll need to clean all of any sealer that isn't urethane off of both the screen and the aperture, trim the urethane that is left down to about 1 or 2mm thick on both the screen and glass, if you've got no urethane left on either peice then you'll need to prime them with a pinchweld primer. if the aperture doesnt have blocks for the screen to sit on (so that it doesn't compress the sealer and sit right down to the aperture) you'll need to apply a foam tape around the aperture, you only want it to around 3mm wide and high or so. apply the tape around the inside edge of the aperture, you should be able to see where it has been before. clean the urethane with water only, solvents will absorb in. you then want to cut your a v into your sealer nozzle about 1/2" high so that its easy to make the bead a uniform height apply a bead of urethane right around the aperture, about as wide as the existing urethane, making sure there's no gaps etc carefully put the glass into place, try to get it centred first time as you don't want to take it out again, dont slap on it or anything just give it a light press into the sealer untill it sits level reinstall the moulding around the edge assuming its a rubber t shape? leave a window open until the urethane is set so that you dont create pressure inside the car and push it out hope that helps
  10. JasonK

    Panel + Paint help needed

    fuck thats a shit thing to do will just need to remove the affected paint,feather out the edges prime then paint. $280 is a good fair price
  11. JasonK

    Non drying sealant

    Skinning mastic will work fine for a rubber fit windscreen/window
  12. JasonK

    Air bag suspension chat

    I'm just running switches and pressure regulators, lots easier to use than when I just had switches, probably not as easy as a controller but saves $1500
  13. vtnz/most wof places are usually pretty happy for you to do your own repairs as long as you sign the form they give you even if they dont see it unpainted/you bog it up
  14. I'm fairly certain you (or anyone) can sign the sheet yourself and they dont mind as long as the jobs done well enough
  15. Hayhole may possibly be bringing car trailer up so will probably have room on the way back for them.