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  1. Another one bites the dust aye...... what a gay old time had by all
  2. One fire banger = one shin kick..... lol
  3. You heard it here first people @Nominal is the wagnats prize dude from here on in.......
  4. We will be categorizing prizes this year due to previous confusion...... its law now so get used to it
  5. Chur il leave bulls when you leave home for synchronized arrival. Fuck Some Dudes
  6. Yeah I'm sure @AllTorque won't mind.....
  7. Blardy van drivers...... I've just started a suspension rebuild kit and a few other bits while I'm at it.
  8. @Leebo3 il just leave these in here for ya mate.......
  9. It's a John Farnham line....y'know like a joke, like funny ha ha.
  10. Ka pai brother looks like your a natural.... Now, take all wheels and turn them around.....take the pressure down.
  11. All of the likes.......cant wait for working bees on this. Metalwork, timberwork and all the other work hahaha
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