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  1. @Leebo3 il just leave these in here for ya mate.......
  2. It's a John Farnham line....y'know like a joke, like funny ha ha.
  3. Ka pai brother looks like your a natural.... Now, take all wheels and turn them around.....take the pressure down.
  4. All of the likes.......cant wait for working bees on this. Metalwork, timberwork and all the other work hahaha
  5. Bummer mate.../ thats probably just a green jolly drink coz you wanna take the BA with those sweet new rims and slam
  6. That square badge is for you to stick in your butt because ford gay boe….. nah cool wag mate I'm a fan. Also ka pai on Russell jr.
  7. Was this our first merchandise that went into production?????
  8. @Leebo3 What about these for a stroll down memory lane!!!!
  9. Good stuff bro ka pai, how long did u have to crank it before it started to kick in to life?
  10. I took this out in 2015….. the JAMMIN wagnats
  11. Im sure???? it was @AllTorque 1st one/ when @JasonK had his bar????? slash just after this was taken "back a bit further….bit further….oh dang"
  12. Nah I'm keeping mine brah (tis very sentimental) Is Drunken on here? /should we see if he wants one