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  1. Can't wait to see this rolling down Cambridge terrace so I can throw you a stiff thumbs up. Visionary.
  2. Let it sit for a few days and it only seems to be running on the inner two cylinders. Gonna have to yank it apart Saturday and check fuel/spark. Apparently these have some issues with CDi and this one looks about 30years old. Party.
  3. Gonna try bring to meet tonight if I can
  4. I can't make images work. Herp
  5. I've made an impulse purchase (hewhew) of a motorbike. Its pretty sweet and too nice for me. Will try get better pics tomorrow night Don't tell my mum.
  6. Keen for snuggles and hangouts. Pretty keen for lil b too if you guys want another tag along?
  7. so just to confirm, regular place at half 6? ill be walking.
  8. It was still floating round recently with one of my best mates with slams manual and locker. Went alllll good..
  9. This makes me miss my old one. Was such a pos - awesome.
  10. So this thing is due to receive some mega love over the summer.. After going for a small drive to Karori today I applied the brakes (as per usual driving) only to have the car lock up all over the road and scare the shit out of me.. the brakes don't disengage after being used without hooking under the pedal and pulling it up so it really needs a good looking at. Time to pull it off the road for a bit to get it all sussed out, current list goes like this - Sort out all breaking, new master, new good quality pads and possibly rebuild the calipers. - Replace Cambelt, new tensioners, new/refurbished radiator and give the cooling system a really good going over. - 309 GTI front struts and lowering springs (might get some spun up), adjust the torsens to get the COG a bit lower. - New wheels possibly my fake 15x8 borbets if I can make them work, mayybeee some widened steelies OR some nice 17"s if I can find decent wide ones that will work for a reasonable price (unlikely) After all of these things are done I will look at more performance related stuff. Hopefully it wont take to long to get this stuff sorted out / I want to thrash it around over summer
  11. stop being cunts, hes trying to do a nice job of it.. Good on ya for wanting a decent paintjob on it mate, it will look tits when its done.
  12. Does anyone know where I can get some decent lowering springs for the front of this bitch? Would like to go 60 odd mm lower..
  13. Love this car so far.. Its so lol, scarred the shit out of my flatmate this evening. A few things I wanna sort out asap, get her sussed out as far as belt slippages go and try and tidy up a few things here and there - would like to nip the rear windshield rust in the bud and possibly get the roof repainted.. I would then like to lower it to the point that the geometry isn't completely fucked, but so it looks a bit less ready to rally across africa. I would also like to fit some kind of wheel that would increase its aesthetic appeal and go from there.
  14. So yeah, anyone got a seat? I will be able to find accom/sleep outside/wookie
  15. I got told I have to come and got slapped by kk's sword
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