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  1. Well it was get the street fins or send those sunny badges down to you...... Couldnt afford to do both. I will once I get paid again(if that ever happens) send those badges down so you can give them some good old fashion southern lov'in No balloons. Dont really like the 205's 60's on the wagon........ I think they are to balloonish
  2. If some of you are gonna go for a look at the wreckers near Waimo(aka Waimate) then let me know.
  3. Yeah thats the place..... Always floods there when we get the odd bit of heavy rain.
  4. Well were's the picture's etc.......... On my way home I just had to take the backway/short cut home. Came across some flooding..... That is what I drove through!!! BTW there is a road that heads off to the right, which most of it was under water. Gave the Truck a good wash underneath.
  5. Gutted about the break in. What did the cops say??
  6. I dont have access to one, but a mate does. Turbo set up, will be just normal EFI etc.... Just have to make the exhaust manifold etc bolt it all on to the wagon's A14 and go.
  7. I just cant get over how good those headlight visor's turned out.... Looks mint as.
  8. LOL'd But yeah Bart try Isopropyl alcohol. I know a guy who can get it, but you wont need that much. Just go to your local chemist and ask for something to clean the laser of you CD player. That way they wont look at you sideways...
  9. I think you will have to count me out....... Next time.
  10. So totally lost now......... If I am there I will no doubt follow Bart and Dylan.
  11. Thanks, so nicely said too, I feel all special now!!
  12. Worth it with a STD engine = No You would be better off with some 45's as the 40's would be to small for an 1800. So yeah do some engine mod's, cam, exhaust/extractors, etc.......
  13. Is that the same place we meet up on that June cruise last year??? I'm tempted to go on this..........
  14. Well you know me...... If I can I will.
  15. We use them for most of our work stuff, good bunch of guys. Dont do plastic, as you need to do that type of chroming with a vacuum or some shit like that. Bart, if you have problems with them let me know aye........
  16. Got Bede's number as well. Will PM that to you also!! lol
  17. I will be talking to them all at some stage over the next week or so. But Micheal(mitey1200) isnt really a fan of cruise's. Will fill you in on that story next time we catch up.
  18. Hey..... I will PM you Garth's number, if you havnt already got it by now...
  19. I would like to go, but there is something sitting in the shed that needs me I hope you guys enjoy the day and take lots of pictures.
  20. Bart I am a maybe........... Whats the easiest way for me to get there???
  21. Talk to Chris, as he is also pretty kind on doing something before Queens Bday weekend. Here's some of our seating............. Utes and wagons make the best seats!!!
  22. Here's some picture's................ 12 Datsuns and a shit load of people. Was a good day out. We even had acouple of boys in blue turn up as well
  23. Fuck knows mate, but the timing was waaaaaaaaaaay out!!! LOL Was funny seeing it back fire through the carbs and the flame hitting the strut tower!!! Sounds like your wagon is going to get the treatment!!! Will be cool to get them both together............ Hmmmmm You should get off your arse and move down......... Bring Brocky with you!!!
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