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Shizzles Mazda Dorito ute


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1 hour ago, RUNAMUCK said:


The thing which leaps out at me about this build is, with the unaffordability of old rotor shit, that nose cone must have cost a kings ransom?

Yes sir, dont tell the mrs.

It was a 4k kit right there.

It took some courage to put the drill and grinder to it.

Mind you i only cut a small puece off it that isnt seen.

And used a couple of self tappers to pin the 2 halves together for now.

So shes pretty much ad it was.

That was my goal for this one...do it better incase it gets damaged.


Ill get some fibreglass moulds made of the finished guards too.

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49 minutes ago, RUNAMUCK said:

Late last century I sold a wof'd, reg'd rx3 coupe running and driving with a 13b for $4850. 

Makes that nose cone seem kinda spendy........

Tell me about it...i bout a rolling 808 sedan with full 10a conversion for $1800. That was while i built that ute.

I bought and sold cars to pay for that build.

Now i just sell my soul, and good paying customers

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had brand new rear 1/4s for a rx3 coupe ,nose cone and front guards in my dad's panel and paint shop as well as a shelf of escort go faster bits and bobs. in the 90s.. I left for an OE and was gone longer than I planned and by the time I got home dad had sold his business.....

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3 hours ago, 63Ragtop said:

Surly an RX3ute needs an RX3 dash!?

awesome dude, if it sits as well as the old one you'll be happy!


Totally...would love to put in a rx3 dash.. cherry on top.


I do know that the gear shift surround fits the factory mount, i can run a rx3 console if i go bucket seats too.

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14 minutes ago, mjrstar said:

If you are looking for tan colored bucket seats the na mx5 came with may work, not too busy etc. Although not sure how easy to track down these days..

Precisely what i had in mind if i went that way.

Think they had speakers in the headrest too haha

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