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oldrx7's 1985 Mazda Cosmo


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On 16/06/2021 at 15:25, kyteler said:

Can't be any worse than trying to buy a rotary from a Kiwi "rota" guy who is vague with details and reluctant to let anyone view... 

Fresh rebuild g, no expense spared 

Only I lost the receipts and forgot who did it 

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On 19/06/2021 at 20:00, Dell'orto said:

Ooosh, looks heaps like my old one from back in the day, though mine was 12AT and manual. Super plush car for a mid 80s sedan!

Nice - any pics?  

Manual + 12aT would have been ideal but they're a bit pricier.  

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33 minutes ago, gibbon said:

so what was the final dollar shipping amount to get it to your door? if you dont mind me asking. I often think about importing a car but it seems to be hidden cost hell

Don’t mind at all.

Through auto hub shipping was $1550 - although as of July 1st there’s an increase they’ve said, I got in just before.

But you also pay auto hub the GST bill too, so that’s 15% of the car purchase price.  

All things to factor in into buying something, just like the broker fee and paper work fees.  This equaled roughly $1800

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