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Romans 2005 Toyota Echo


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i hope you can make the exhaust sound as good as the intake. 

how much do you think it will change power, and if it will lose any lower in the revs and then.. will the change affect other tuned parts (aka, will the trumpet length be better longer or shorter or cam timing/ignition advance need changes? )
when i had an XF falcon 4.1Lwith some mild mods(cam, compression, extractors), going from 2.25" to 2.5" made it doughy lower in the revs, this was tuned back, but i don't know what the tuner had done(15yrs ago before i knew anything)

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Was that with an EFI engine or carby? 
I'm surprised that that much of a minor pipe dia change made it run differently.

If the tuner managed to recover the lower rpm, then it must have been a fueling issue rather than a physical change. In which case that's no problem here.

I'm not expecting to lose any power anywhere on account of a better exhaust/manifold. Yeah might sound grotty though without decent mufflers.

I'd expect it might pick up some midrange if it behaves similar to KPR's testing on 4AGE stuff but we will see.
What's there is just complete shit / designed to get heat into the cat converter ASAP with the stubby little 4-1 pipes. 
Doesnt look like any tuned lengths involved. So I dont think it will lose in any way.

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We used to run a misprint with an e13 nissan at 9000+ rpm and had trouble with ewp's dying. They were hard mounted to the motor and the braided wires to the brushes would dissolve.

We moved the pump so it just hung from a bit of hose and lasted 2 seasons 

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19 hours ago, shrike said:

Actually, what's your rough EGT and what's the highest temp 3D printer filament you can do :p 

Rocketlab can print in Inconel and are staffed by petrolheads just @ them on instagram see if you can convince somebody to "trial" something for you as a a piping test or something.

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Went for a stroll with the missus last night from our place in Newtown, down to Island Bay. There's at least one Echo/Vitz/Yaris parked every 500 meters between here and there. I wonder if it's a universal constant? Also, there's some Yarisess on my watch list now for some reason, I think you might have started something here @Roman

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I am always amazed at how well the posts in pretty much every thread on this forum can perfectly describe and tell the events so clearly. 

3 hours ago, Roman said:

So anyway.

My partner has been fostering a kitten, and a local young "car guy" expressed some interest in rehoming it.
(Someone I'd previously taken for a drive in the Echo in its current state)
After some negotiation I agreed to drive over to his house to drop it off.

I was saddened when I first read this, I thought the echo was being rehomed lol..

as I read further I chortled to myself and was well chuffed to see someone getting to experience some glorious dorts

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