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scott's 260c H330

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On 17/04/2019 at 20:27, scooters said:

I know center caps are a arse... 

who can get me onto some ? Pine can't spin any out they must be a real oddball size. 

Get some aluminium round of the appropriate diameter and we could have a go at making some on the lathe? @Archetype could make some decals to go on the flats or we could laser cut a template?

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2 hours ago, moparmuppet said:

Glue some dirty Do Bro cans into the hole? Puncture bottom of can and drink goodness first and have lovely riptop left intact for full win. See you in a month and I will give you a hand, pretty big job eh.



Now your txt message friendly do let me know when you pull in.

It will be a well deserved trip off.


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Mate that bonnet rust is fuck all. 

You're farting at thunder to think you'll find a better 330 bonnet. 

More.chance of stepping in rocking horse shit while.out unicorn hunting.

Prove me wrong


Also.you dipped out hard not.coming to.datsun nationals. I hope Chay rubs it in!

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Yea that bonnet is the best ive seen bar the 2 i have. Get it hammered out and fixed properly plus fill it with stuff to keep the rust away once its done. Last owner before me said they had replaced the lower sections of all the doors so obviously not prepared or sealed properly.

The rear guard area is a problem on 90% of datsuns - just needs a small amount of water to start fizzing in the join.

Yes you will constantly be catching rust - but a whole lot less than most peoples classics.


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@RUNAMUCK @brocky41

Yea the bonnet is fizzing under where the 2 panels join at the front It be happy to cut the stuff out on the top but it's the join where they sandwich together that I think will need a more cearful hand. 

Be nice to get it semi sorted. But like you say it will just bubble again out the seam. It has been filled with rust kill now. 


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6 hours ago, cletus said:

Its going to look good on those wheels!


Are you repainting the whole car or just the repaired parts?

Seasons greetings mate! 

I feel like I'm repainting the whole car sometimes. Haha

But my thoughts are just to touch all the parts I've been working on back to green. I'm not sure how hard that is or how much it's going to cost just yet.. 

A bit worried 

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1 minute ago, cletus said:

Looks good! 

What size wheels and tyres did you end up with?

195/65/14 I drove the tyre men up the wall. Tried to fit the 205's and they looked like balloons. Rubbed to the max. swapped them over to 195's. found the threw bolts on the rims gently clipped the caliper as the bolts were upgraded due to chowdering out from M6 from M8. Had to sort that. Adding to tyre fitter stress. The extra long wheel studs were what really broke his Camel on his straw back. I nowhave a little bit of rub with kids and a load of fuel on the back right on the big bumps. Not sure if I should try to unbolt and push things over a tad or just give up clearance the inner lip a few mm. 

A bit of a question in my head about how longs the diff will go with the chip missing. But it's just a cruiser as you well know. 



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1 hour ago, kyteler said:

The stalks seem too tall and upright and the mirror itself too large.  

What are they from? 

No idea. Karl found them for me at a swap meet ages ago. They are Nissan but. But I'd also like to know what they came off. No doubt off a smaller datsun.




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