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Random slightly cool stuff you built but not worth its own thread, thread


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Helped a friend with his deck, turned out pretty sweet. He'd made a few compounding errors that got away on him...I helped straighten it out, well at least it looks straight now, even if it isn't really.




I've made him some floating steps, 1 on one side, 2 on the other. Ran out of time today (12hrs, no breaks) and my brain isn't working. Shit, shower, shave and I'll be good to go again.

All he needs to do is wait for concrete to dry and slap on the boards for the steps which are framed and ready to go.

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On 27/12/2019 at 13:49, MaxPower said:

was dirt, pumice, sand , clay, then sand when i hit the water now I'm into pumice\sand where the water is, have dug 500mm today and the flow rate is 20L a minute its been running for about an hr now and is starting to run clear. Will get the water tested but happy just to have water for the animals, garden, spa pool and possibly the toilets if i can be arsed.

How did this end up? How deep? Water flow etc?

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