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Obligatory 2015 Beach Hop Shit Talking & Whatnot Post

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wats beach hop?

/been invited every year but have yet to attend

It's where people (mostly wealthy men) gather in either Camaros or various old car with V8 engines, most of them not a 253 and they do things i have not figured out yet, it sometimes takes them 3 days.  Some of it involves driving the very crowded streets in cars with loud engines.

Can make for some good spectating, but i get bored after an hour or so.


Anyone going?  (don't know if i should go)

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We have gone most years since 2008 or so. Always have a good time. In some ways I prefer the spectating/bands to the driving around in crowds bit, but do both.


We'll be on Barbara Ave again, with the convertible if I get it certed, or a Caldina if I don't.

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