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  1. Yeah, I don't think it goes anywhere very fast, but still good to see a different approach. Here are some unedited/junk shots I scraped up of it from last year's Beach Hop P.S. it's from Rotorua, not Palmy
  2. It's in a Challenger. Literally every part of the setup is Chinese made off of eBay, he couldn't have gone a cheaper route if he tried haha. Surprised it made it back from Palmy again this year!
  3. Will be there, as always. I've got an exam on at 7pm Friday night though, so it'll be a late night mission down!
  4. DKM just did my MX-5's roll cage last week. Damn fast and excellent work too.
  5. Sweet, now I've got your sister's number
  6. Or just drive around the bump by going through the carpark haha
  7. Same here, if I haven't blown it up on Saturday though there are some relatively high speed bumps, but I get over them in Skyline easily enough and other low cars make it in too, so you must be able to get enough angle to not scrape!
  8. A couple to keep them dwindling Beach Hop vibes alive P.S. Photobucket sucks Donkeys
  9. So I'm sitting in the General down a side street dozing off today while no one was around when three guys walk over to the car and start complementing it... we're talking for 10 minutes when I realize one of them is Greg Murphy haha. Man, I played it soooo cool and didn't even fan girl too hard. Was told to pop in to the place they are staying to talk to their Mopar mate (who was one of the three there) about what's causing the car to cut out Also I've been pulled over twice today by police officers who come over with a stern look on their faces only to say "do you know why I pulled you over?", "no sir.", "...to say I've pulled over a General Lee!". Then I get out and we chat and they proceed to get their photo taken next to the car lol All-in-all a pretty bloody good start to the weekend!
  10. Our friend Splash (dreadlock dude who is tour bus guide from Nats) popped down to Tairua yesterday on his way through with a group he shaved his dreads off, wouldn't have recognized him without the company logo
  11. There as per usual. Looking forward to it.
  12. Had to be on Cannonball Run day! would've definitely brought the 86 out for that one
  13. I booked us for a spot to park along the main strip at the parade (sorry, one more on the tally for yanks though), hopefully it'll be another good weekend weather wise
  14. We'll be getting there at around 7-7:30ish in the morning in ol' General (to try avoid the mad rush & overheating in traffic!)
  15. I think I'll go as nothing planned now for the morning. Time and place for meeting in the early hours of tomorrow? Autobahn on Southern motorway?
  16. Will check I'm not going up north, but otherwise keen
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