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    Hi im looking at fuel injecting my datsun 120y. Ive found a build up online, its wiki tech. Im just struggling to understand we i should go to get a mega squirt v2 from. im trying to keep cost down and plan to use the diy kit. Would something like ebay be the best place to go to find this?
  2. Its been a while and unfortunately not a lot to report. Dads still struggling getting the bumper to mount perfectly, in a way this it doesn't distort the steel. Non the less here are a few pictures of it mounted to the rear of the car. Love that ass.
  3. That Torana was pritty rough. Looked ok but when u went up close it was really wavey down the sides. Only noticed cause i was sitting with the Zclub all day long.
  4. Bumpers all in etch primer read to start filling and shaping it.
  5. Well its been a while since ive put up any updates, probably because not much has happened since last update. Anyway a few pics:
  6. Small update, works progressing on rear bumper.
  7. I was trying to find a picture of the original rear bumper for comparison this was all i could find unfortunately. The new steel bumpers are fairly similar but don't have all the swages and etc in them, Im loving it.
  8. Work on rear bumper is continuing. 1 corner nearly complete, looking amazing. I better start working on a rear defusor, before dad gets to far. With the bumpers. Any suggestions on were i should put the number plate? I was thinking in the middle of the rear bumper as long as it doesn't clash with the defusor.
  9. Work on the end caps on the bumper underway. Its a lot of work playing round with the steel, Plenty of noise.
  10. Work has continued. Rear filler panel is all made and mounted now just need to figure out a way to move the fuel flap latch. also the main part of the bumper has been mounted to car. We need to mount this so we can start sculpting the sides of the bumper. Also have made the decision to move the number plate to the back bumper. Any ways a few pics.
  11. Also started folding up the rear bumper, Dad was talking about using it as a mold and making some fiberglass bumpers with them depending on how they turn out.
  12. Work has continued with the rear of the car. Fuel filler has been refitted to rear panel: Little bit of rust work going on Managed to get rear spoiler of, need to figure out a way to strip it and repaint it with flexi paint. Any ideas???
  13. Some more progress pics: Smooth asss New hide panel for fuel filler:
  14. Small update fuel filler removed.
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