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Wof failed for rust


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Hey all,

Sorry if this has been covered but I'm on a phone.

I'm looking at a car tonight that has just recently failed a wof because of rust on the strut tower.

If a car fails due to rust, does the work have to be done by a panel beater and do I need a repair cert? It's already failed and in the system.

Or could I fix it and just take it to another wof place?

I'm only looking at it because it's cheap, but if I'm going to have to pay a panel beater to do it and get a repair cert then it won't be worth it.

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My aw11 failed its warrant for rust in the sills and was given a structural rust ticket. I did the repair myself and got panel beater to sign off the paper then took it back to the plave it failed I guess if you could find a friendly panel beater that would be your best option. Saying that I never found out if the garages could see why it previously failed a warrant

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Panel beaters tend not to want to sign off work that isn't their own. Which is fair enough.


However, if you get a panel place to fix it, it may only be a couple of hunge, and save you the hastle. They will give you a sighoff saying the repair was done to a correct standards. Take for wof again and bam.


Had to do this for my Z. I wanted to do the repairs myself but the panel shop wouldn't sign off work that wasn't theirs.



Also, i had the same with one of my triumphs, i did the repair. took it for a wof and they wanted a signoff for the repair. It was super obvious that it was done lushly (i left it bare metal so they could see that it was done lushly). With that i just rolled to panel shop, gave them 20bux and they had a look and signed my wof sheet saying the repair looked all good.


Because its a strut tower however, you may need them to fix it for them to sign it off...

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Here is the page out of the VIRM (WOF Rule book)


Note 3

The vehicle inspector may request additional relevant information from a repairer or other relevant person. The vehicle inspector should withhold the warrant of fitness if there is reason to believe that the vehicle has:

a) structural damage, or

B) inadequate structural repair(s), or

c) corrosion damage

to the extent that it could affect the vehicle’s structural strength or one of the vehicle’s safety requirements. If the owner questions the decision, the vehicle inspector should recommend the vehicle owner obtain further written assessment from a panel beater.

So my understanding is that it doesn't have to be repaired by a panelbeater but the WOF inspector can ask for a report.

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so theoretically if I failed on rust. . How long does that rust fail stay in national system. Can you just go elsewhere after your repair?




This "National system" that everyone talks about is a very basic NZTA server and we can only see what a car has been previously failed for, either after we have entered a result or if we go looking. And even then it carries no details. The purpose of selecting what a vehicle fails on is statistic gathering, nothing more.


The stigma that seems to be associated with rust or damage repairs has stemmed from the Compliance Inspections for vehicles entering NZ. They are very strict and require repair certification for the smallest things.

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I had a rust hole in my AE92's floor, failed a WoF. Patched it up with aluminium drink cans and hot glue (no welder and no money at the time) and took it for a WoF at a chinese place in Christchurch. They didn't even look at the patch. Drove the car a few more months before selling it to someone that wanted the motor, got $1100.

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if you do look it up in the system does it just say "failed on rust"

or does it say "failed on rust in front left chassis rail" or something descriptive?

or does it just depend on what the WOF guy felt like typing into the comments section or something like that?

Once the inspector clicks pass or fail it then tells him if it has failed on rust
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