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  1. Things are moving at a glacial pace. A family friend managed to bore the block to +40 and he's giving me a hand with building the motor up. He's an ex engine reconditioner who knows a few tricks. Ordered a bunch of parts from burton so once they arrive that should move things along. The crank is still standard size but will need maching out. Anyone have any recommendations for a crowd in welly? Also on the look out for a decent set of +40 1300 pistons.
  2. I put the bike carbs back on and ran it up to the palmy swapmeet but on the way back it developed a strange misfire/stutter at constant throttle. I checked a few things before admitting defeat and putting the standard carb on again. I took it all apart and gave it a good clean with a diy ultra sonic cleaner but the stutter was ever present but not as bad? I didn't have time to investigate it too much as I had a roadtrip booked with it down to the west coast for a bike ride. I wanted to mount my bike on the roof for a couple reasons. It would free up all the space in the back, plus it meant I wouldn't have to worry about dragging all the mud and crap in. Using a tow bar bike rack is OK but meant I would have to take the bike and rack off everything I needed to get into the rear. I couldn't find anything suitable for the roof so I was determined to make my own. A visit to grandad one day and he casually mentions his old roof rack is in his shed at home and had been for 40 odd years. A quick look in the exact spot and what do you know. Grandad had this rack years ago on his mk1 zephyr. Under all the new paint, there's the zephyr green which he painted to match. Fitted it up to to van and it was perfect. I made new feet and gutter mounts out of old folder dividers from a file cabinet (not pictured) to mount it. The rack was too short to fit my bike in so I made a front bar out of an old rusty piece of angle iron and used some tubing from an old exercycle to make a dummy axle to mount the forks too. Perfect for the parts bin van. The 1,300km west coast trip went well. The roof rack survived, even when I forgot about the bikes and took a branch off. Luckily it was at low speed and the tree was mostly dead. I lost one alternator bolt, a second came loose, front left suspension has decided to start knocking, discovered a couple of leaks under the dash and with all our gear we were riding bump stops some of the way. Success.
  3. Heading away Friday so Thursday will be max panic packing.
  4. Had my block machined out to 40thou. Does anyone have any 1300 +40 pistons they would like to sell me? Will get the crank sorted too if anyone knows a hutt valley based place who's good to deal with.
  5. After triple checking my timing and putting the standard carb back on, it still wouldn't fire up. I checked the tappet clearances and noticed the exhaust was very tight at tdc and therefore 'open'. I checked and had to adjust all the exhaust tappets. Turns out none of the exhaust tappets were ever fully closing and therefore I never had a sealed chamber at tdc! Next pop it started up and idled great. I picked this up as a runner, but no idea how that could have been. I'll recheck the tappets another day when its warmed up and do a compression check. Oh well. Proved it wasnt the bike carbs, so they'll go back on tomorrow.
  6. Slowly been chipping away at bits. Have cleaned up and painted most the underside parts. Still trying to find some good axles so I can build the rear end and attach it to the van. Looks like I will have to get the axles resplined by a local engineer. Pulled the heater box apart to check it all out. Need to find/make a new resistor? So I get the 2 fan speeds, then that can be reassembled.
  7. New gearbox seal, cleaned up and painted the exhaust with heat stuff. Having trouble firing it up. Have spark, air and fuel to the carbs. Bit hard to see if the fuels getting pulled in, we've tried pouring fuel down the throats but it still wont ignite. Confirmed I'm not 180 by looking under the rocker cover and rotating the motor over. Starting to think the timing mark on the crank pulley is not the correct mark. Will take the rocker cover off again and double check everything lines up where it should.
  8. The last few trips over the remutakas was really really bad. So before the Motueka trip I gave it a compression check which pretty much confirmed it. I ended up picking up a complete motor, gearbox and radiator from a runner up the road. It all looks pretty promising with a new waterpump, hoses and other a few other parts. Queens birthday weekend I pulled the old one out and put the new one in. I cleaned up the new one, gave it some paint and put in a new clutch, pressure plate, waterpump barb, radiator, and changed over my electronic dizzy, carbs, fuel pump and extractors. I ended up cutting the exhaust off just after the extractors so I need to weld on some flanges, sort the timing and fill it with fluids then it's good to go. Fingers crossed it actually makes an improvement.
  9. Still using this when I can and taking it on regular trips. Most notably I took this down to Nelson and Motueka last September for a bike trip. Had no issues other then a weird oil vapour smell. I put it down to over filling the oil, I couldnt get a clear reading on the stick, and it clogging up the pvc valve. I was lucky enough to spot another escort parked up along one the bays and the retired guy was happy enough to lend me a few tools to remove some of the excess oil. Have just done general maintenance to it like replacing the rack bushes which were non existant and made for an exciting drive home.
  10. Finished with the back seat mounts which were all welded in. I welded an extra plate under the wheel arch, below the backseat mount/stop just for piece of mind. Since then I've been slowly stripping and painting various parts including the seat frames, diff, leaf springs etc. Should be painting the seat backing this weekend all going to plan.
  11. Back to the back seat. I didnt like where the support mount attached to the back seat when it was upright, it just sat way too high on the wheel arch. The cardboard cutout shows just how high it would need to sit. I added a drop down bar on each side to bring the mounting point down. I then made a housing which had to house the latch, look flush and bee able to come apart incase the latch needs to be fixed or replaced. I made this housing in 2 pieces. The mounting holes on the latch pull the 2 covers together and they both bolt through the wheel arch. The bolts go up from under the arch and through the housing so that from underneath only the heads show and they shouldn't interfere with the tyres. To release the latch, theres an arm on the lever on the outside so you dont see it. It now makes the all satisfying "click" when pushed into place. Both sides have a latch each.
  12. Playing catch up.. I welded a plate and a nut on the back of those cups which hold the recessed/step down shape snugly. I then made up a dummy seat frame to hold the seat rails in place and bolted the newly made cups to that. I then spend quite some time working out the best position to attach the cups to the metal base straps. You can see the bottom left corner I have started boxing in the shape, whereas the far left is just hovering in place. I did this for both sides, drilled some speed holes and painted them in 2k black. These bolt straight into the original escort floor seat holes so I have the option to have these mx5 seats or the standard escort seats.
  13. I forgot I double booked myself for tomorrow so out anyway sorry
  14. Visited in the weekend and the service was a let down, wouldn't recommend. How about a visit to petone?
  15. Made some hats for the seat rail feet to sit into. Next step will be to make some towers to join these hats to the flat bar which bolts to the original holes. Made up a couple of dye's out of flat bar and used these to press in the shapes. They fit pretty well and will look correct once tidied up.
  16. For sometime I've been keeping an eye out for some better front seats, such as mx5 or recaro, to replace the prelude ones which came with the van. Last week I ended up getting some NA mx5 seats from just around the corner. Tiny bit of wear on the drivers bolster but will do for now. The plan is to make an adapter plate for each seat so that I can use the original anchor points in the escort, and use the standard mx5 rails. The thinking is, if I find a better pair, I can just switch them straight out, or put original escort seats in. Have made the adapter rails out of 5mm flat bar, it's overkill but all I had at the time so I may drill some speed holes in them at a later date. I'll need to press some shapes out to fit to the bottom of mx5 rail feet, and make some towers to suit. The final position will be 20mm higher then the wooden block below.
  17. Last one from me. I'm fitting a rear seat in my escort van (original estate seat) which flips down when not in use. I need to make two supporting towers which hold the back rest in place when the seat is set up to be used, so it doesn't swing back or forth. There are two bars welded on the back of the seat above the wheel tub to work with. Do I need a locking latch on each tower? Or can I have a locking latch on one, and a plastic block to rest on, on the other?
  18. I'm putting mx5 seats in my escort and my question is, certwise, is it easier/cleaner to modify the original escort seat rails to suit the mx5 seats or the mx5 seat rails? I will be keeping the original mounting positions and holes, and wont be changing the original floor mounted belts.
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