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Wellington Area Event - 25th August - 1.30pm

This sounds cool so...  

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  1. 1. This sounds cool so...

    • Yes I'm bringing my car
    • Yes I'm coming but I'm passengering in someone elses car
    • Yes I'm bringing my car and some non OS friends

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So this is the plan for next weekend..

Meet at the playground on Brooklyn Hill next to the Renouf Tennis Centre at 1.30pm.

https://maps.google.com/maps?q=brooklyn ... aland&z=18

There is 2 hours worth of driving and 10 checkpoints (including the start and finish) allow 5 minutes per checkpoint to find the clue.

Its 75km(ish) long as long as you follow a fairly direct route - maybe allow 100Km in case you get lost.

Its 50/50 motorway/urban driving.

The final checkpoint is a restaurant/bar so if you want a feed or a non-alcoholic beverage after then bring a few $'s for that.

You will also need to bring

  • [*:g82t16z9]A phone capable of taking a photo and credit to send pic it to a Vodafone number.
    [*:g82t16z9]A handful of gold coins to buy a couple small items on the way around - $10 would be more than enough.
    [*:g82t16z9]Pen and Paper to write down clues
    [*:g82t16z9]Map Book - optional

Some checkpoints are just looking for an instruction for the next direction, others are take a pic and send to me for your next clue and others are buy/collect something which you will need to bring to the final checkpoint for extra win!

Its not a race and there is no first or last so NO SPEEDING - the only prizes will be random ones for playing a good game.

I'll give you guys some info on the day including my phone number so if you get lost you can ring me for the next clue.

This will still be going ahead rain or shine. Hope a stack of you guys can make it!!

San Dimas High School Football RULES!

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