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  1. Working on the control board some more, apart from the one button that was missing wired up all the buttons and joysticks. Picked up a 28" lcd moniter at the boxing day sales, hoping to test out the jamma units and contols just sitting on the coffee table. Turns out that jamma puts out such a low resolution picture a lcd moniter can't load it. After a bit of research online I can run a cga to vga converter which I have orderd along with some spare buttons for the cabinet. Also playing around with a raspberry pie which I will attempting to run in the cabinet as well.
  2. Progress picture - sanded back the bottom panel to apply another coat of floor treatment. Marked out where the frame sits against the side pieces so the screws go into the right place. Installed hinges on the top front piece on the base unit of the cabinet Inside this compartment I will install controls to change what device is being run, the amp/speaker controls and a power kill switch
  3. Working on the part of the cabinet that will be home to the controls.
  4. Applied the floor coating to more pieces and attached some pieces to the frame.
  5. Sorted now I went out and saw nickrock and his friend in the weekend and they sorted me out with some help and the tools I needed, but thanks for the offer!
  6. Some progress Cut some angles into the front panels so they could fit nicely onto the frame Trimmed up the sides so they sat flush with the outside of the fame With the front pieces all fitting nicely on the frame i decided i would stain them to get them ready to be attached permanently The stain made the wood look so good, I really wish i took a proper before and after picture, I'll try remember to do this when I some of the larger pieces. Also to note with the progress I used the large top piece I glued the mdf on the wrong side of to make one of the front pieces and I have remade the other top side piece.
  7. Some of these pieces are quite small and it makes it very hard to clamp down and run a skill saw across it. Also one way is ok but cutting a angle the other way the skill saw fouls the clamp and its all to hard basket.
  8. I would have been but I think I may be sorted now... If it falls through I'll msg you, you around this weekend? and do you have a buzzer I'm pretty keen on this buzzer business now!
  9. I'm porirua based but I'm keen to make some progress on a project this weekend so I can travelish...
  10. Hey people I'm in need of a table saw that can cut angles, Ideally I'd love to find one to use this weekend. Can pick one up if it'll fit into my car, or if someone has one setup somewhere I can use or if someone wants to do some cutting for me that would be fantastic, I think there's about 5 pieces I need to cut angles on and some pieces will be both sides, pieces are only about 600 long so shouldn't take too long. Can provide homemade whisky or cash for the troubles Thanks in advance!
  11. Would prefer to use the same wood throughout the build but thanks No, today is crappy outside so might have a go at it soon.
  12. This wouldn't work at all even if I made a new top piece, the angle of the front face is steeper than the angle on the back piece, I considered seeing if I could cut it all down a little to get two pieces that would work but they end up a little small for what I'd like. I just have to remake a piece, it's not that bad was just very frustrated at the time. I could try this but I don't like my chances the PVA is amazing and the wood breaks before the glue lets go on the joins, the only hope would be that the MDF breaks off just a little bit leaving some on the wood. That's the best case scenario and even if that happens I have to hope the glue that will be on the wood paneling won't effect the stain that's going to go on it. I looked at that, it ends up a little small for what I'd like it to be, I was considering running a 27" screen for a while and if I did that I'd be fine but I'd prefer to be running a 32" Thanks for all the ideas, I think the best answer is to just grow a pair stop winging and make another piece, I don't want to compromise the desired end result over it.
  13. So you might be thinking, wow that's weird shouldn't one of those pieces he's made up be a mirror image of the other and not facing the same way... well I to was thinking the same thing when i put them next to each other... I really balls'd this one up. This evening is a little depressing, I cut out the sides to the top piece to discover I had glued one onto the mdf backwards, this was past just a little annoying as there was a few afternoons of gluing and clamping there and i don't have a huge amount of the rimu flooring spare and it's a real effort and expense for me to try get more. Just incase that wasn't enough I came on here to put my my almost non existent progress to see that I had forgotten tonights monthly meet. update pic of the bottom half of the cabinets frame complete.
  14. So spent some time this weekend working on the cabinet. Have pretty much completed the two bottom side pieces (need a couple little cuts and some sanding). Glued plenty of panel together and glued them to a side of a top piece Because the cabinet is made from recycled flooring glued to thin mdf I can't really just screw or nail the outer pieces together to make the cabinet so I started making a frame for the bottom half of the cabinet aswell. This cabinet is going to way a ton when its finished the frame isn't light and neither are the side pieces .
  15. Took the first side of the base and glued up some rimu sections(3-4boards already glued together) together and to the base, clamped them all down and put some weight on them. I have realized how slow and painful this build is going to be, clamping time with a lack of space and clamps is killing me. While waiting for this to dry I went out and purchased some more mdf 18x600x1800, this is going to be used for the pieces you won't see eg the base of the unit and the horizontal pieces between the top and bottom half of the cabinet, this mdf is near perfect as the bottom half I'm going to use the 600 as the width between the two side so it's already cut perfectly square for me. I also went shopping around for a good screw while I didn't find exactly what I was after I found these reasonably sweet torx head screws.
  16. Hey I have seen Pi before as I'm a Nintendo fan boy and follow a few Nintendo groups where these have popped up. I havn't looked into trying to run both Pi and Jamma but I know I want to run Jamma but I may look into how messy it would be to have the one cabinet run both. Thanks for the interest.
  17. So the plan is the cabinet is going to a wooden exterior, I purchased some recycled wooden rimu flooring, the flooring has been milled down and is 12mm thick so I also got some 6mm mdf sheets I can glue the rimu to the mdf and make a cabinet. I spent some time making up a paper pattern of how I wanted this new cabinet to look, its similar to my original one but it isn't rounded anywhere all the edges are straight, the top is wider to accommodate for the 32" screen and the area where the controllers are is smaller. I then drew the patterns onto the 6mm mdf I then clamped tow pieces of mdf together and cut out the two sides of the bottom half of the cabinet Pieces of rimu were then glued together with some PVA
  18. So I have lines of cars that require work but I hate cars so instead of working on them I'm doing this. I currently have this original mega bomberman world arcade in my man cave but I doesn't suit the look of the rest of the room and it only has one game in it. I thought of adding some games to this but the current setup is for four players with only 2 buttons each where lots of games are for only a couple players requiring up to six buttons. Thoughts of lots of options were considered but making a new machine was the winner. I will be running a Jamma setup just like the mega bomber man, some computer setups seemed pretty cool but I like the idea I can run original cartridges and games if I want to. I have purchased some toys for the project, the black box and blue cartridge both have hundreds of games on them, there is the wiring for a jamma setup with two players at six buttons each, the motherboard looking card is a jamma card selector, it can run up to 6 cartridges and you can select which one you want from the remote and there is two new joysticks, player 1 & 2 buttons and 6 blue and 6 red buttons. I will still need to buy a monitor which I think I will be just use a 32" tv, a amp and speakers,coin mechanism doors and some access doors.
  19. good meat, good to see you all again, had been a while. I'm still getting through the meet sweats
  20. Do you mean in a few months/years time? because it on there and seems fine.
  21. So this happened! Drove her to football then home. Her hard at work lowering the value of my neighbor hood. As you can kind of see, the bonnet bulge is all painted and on, it's bolted on and sealed, I actually made a bit of a mess with the masking on it and the position/shape of the sun but at first glance its not the worst. Got the blue steering wheel on! but im having issues with the horn so i'll try sort that this week. Also picked up a Jaf grill badge and a monster tacho with shift light so there's some more work installing those, I'm also going to go super hard core cliche and get a train hang ring/tsurikawa and some form of ugly exhaust muffler. If I can, I think I'd also like to find a ali mesh sun visor and oil cooler with lines but I think that's probably just wishful thinking.
  22. Getting stuff done! The bonnet bulge had been painted red and masked up so it's ready to have some white sprayed on. Looking foward to this being finished so I can get the bonnet back on the car. Luggage rack back on and wheels all balanced up and fitted, starting to look complete. Windscreen back in! As far as I know now I just need to treat one spot of rust and get the bonnet on and I can go for a wof... Here's hoping for monday
  23. So I managed to pick up another gearstick and grill the other night, got straight into putting the new gear stick in. Cut out the middle section (marked by tape) of the new stick to give me a more acceptable height to fit the new gear knob onto. Also thanks to my lil sis for the gear boot which is black suede with blue stitching looks pretty pimp IRL. Now I need to get the new wheel on (which just arrived) and the monster tacho
  24. Is that a bulge in your bonnet or are you just happy to see another post? Picked up a box of city parts a while back, included with the parts is a city turbo bonnet bulge. drilled some mounting holes in the bonnet and the cut out a nice big hole in my bonnet(no going back now) so I can get to the inside the bulge so I can tighten up the nuts and bolts. Sanded down the bulge, I've decided I'd take it to the next level and really ruin the car by painting the bulge something terrible, you'll have to wait till I've done it thought before I tell you what I have planned. drilled some mounting holes in the bonnet and the cut out a nice big hole in my bonnet(no going back now) so I can get to the inside the bulge so I can tighten up the nuts and bolts.
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