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  1. This is just round the corner from my house lol. I just had my permission slip signed by the Chief Executive Wife, and received clearance to attend this meeting. I shall be there. Warmest regards, Shitbag.
  2. Very high quality photo of you passing me up ngauranga gorge last night. Looks bloody gr8 m8. Needs less exhaust. Xox
  3. Well I've put a few miles on this over summer. Time to sell up. Interior in great knick. Mechanically awesome - just had it at old man's work shop as i thought it was knocking, turns out it just needed tappets resetting hah. Paint is a bit rough on roof, but most importantly there's no hideous bits of rust. Comes with a boot load of spares (brakes, shocks, hubs, bumpers, lights, trim etc) If anyone is interested, hit me up. Xox
  4. This is exactly the problem I had with the hunter that went away after I replaced rotor too. Been sweet ever since.
  5. There's lots of bunnies on the interweb saying "agh the greater wellington regional council need to pay people more" Considering their "negotiation" (if you can call it that) is with TransDev and Hyundai Totem, does any aspect of it at all have anything to do with GWRC?
  6. Hahaha thanks for your kind consideration @Seedy Al I will endeavor to make the next monffly meet.
  7. this car got a WOF on the weekend. It did a total of 600 miles since the last warrant. I shall endevaour to drive this car more on this warrant.
  8. Drove one of these once. Went hard for what it was. Steering wheel tiptronic buttons were a bit gimmicky. Pretty fun car though. Think they're very close/similar/same chassis as a Toyota echo/yaris?
  9. God dam I miss u lot. Started new job and got married so I've missed the last few it feels like! Aaaa. I'm in Vietnam for this meet too. Waaaaa
  10. Just put a few hundred miles on this car over waitangi weekend. My lil brother, dad and best mate all went for a good cruise around kapiti making noise and snapping necks while dad told tales of the hunter he used to own. Most fun I've had in ages. The next day I used it as my car for my wedding and the lads and I all turned up to our ceremony in it. And only the day after our wedding has it started being unreliable. Im happy it waited until the next day.
  11. just hit up my old man for you (prez of Gearjammers car club, so hopefully he knows someone keen!)