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For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs


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Lolz my warrent guy once said I needed a high stop light for the LTD.

First I told him it was registered here in 71,

And also there's the fact that the brake lights go across the whole fucking ass end, I can clearly see all the faces in the car behind me if I brake at night.


Is that LTD back on the road yet?

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can i legally transfer a plate from one car to another? like a P Plate? 


i have a rego on hold from a fairmont i bought which is a really nice 4 letter rego, and on black and silver plates. can i transfer this to my ute as i would a P Plate? 


both are in my name, the 4 letter rego is on hold and the ute is my daily, and currently rego'd and wof  


i know the plates and tags thingy thingy yeah yeah, but i am not going down that route. especially now i've posted it on a public forum! haha. it'd just be nice to keep that rego. 

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Cert not required if


the OE gearbox cross-member has not been heated, cut, or welded; and

the OE gearbox cross-member mounting to the OE body or chassis members is unchanged; and

no replacement gearbox cross-member is used; and

the OE drive-shaft(s) remain and is un-modified; and

 no substantial modifications have occurred to the floor or gearbox tunnel area, other than provision for gear-shift mechanism; and

 the braking system is not modified or changed, including the brake pedal


So, should be OK?

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the brake peddle is a bit important to be operating properly i reckon, a 'friend' did mention they swapped brake pedal over (smaller pad) so yea I'm askingthe right question i nthe right area t oget a real answer


a few others have said they are getting wof's fine in their Swapped New School cars too like this & I googled it & only part i could fault them on was the "brake system modification" ambiguous bit

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