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J5's plastic squirty thing.


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So yeah, as seen above, took it back to the water yesterday and it does run a lot better when its not breathing its own fart cloud. 

Picture of failed engine mount and V band that needed toightening.
50769082083_8f3568dc1e_o.jpgIMG_20201228_170634 by John Bell, on Flickr

I'm not completely happy with its performance though now its making full more power, it doesn't 'bite' the water like I would expect, if you feed it more power than it can shift water, it nangs out and feels slower than if you were to nurse it up to speed. You can see/hear this in one of the vids.
It handles a quite loosely, but I don't have much reference to compare it to, aside from the donor ski which carved corners like a water-skiing cut cat, comparatively. 
If you do manoeuvres that are too aggressive or any spins it comes off the plane pretty easily and doesn't pop out of the water like the motor seems capable.
So next step is to look at the spare jetunit, if its any better pop it on for testing, and I feel I'll probably wind up giving one of the pumps a birthday.

50769829401_a7d4d90496_o.jpgIMG_20201228_182945 by John Bell, on Flickr

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Do you know what the specs are on the hull? Is it flat or have planing strakes? A lot of fibreglass boats handle loose as the have a shallow v to run in less water, old Jet44s were pretty slippy.  Alloy you can get away with a bit deeper v since not as scared of rocks an strakes make a hell of a difference 

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