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J5's plastic squirty thing.


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Handy resource if you dont have it.  Includes all of the speed unrestricted (uplifted) rivers, conditions and launching sites.  Halfway down pg4 is the Whakatane. 


Local councils also publish marine bylaws.



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Boat launching, so you can miss out the boring stuff at the beginning, and get balls deep into the goooooooooood stuff. I was yarning to a dude yesterday, and the jet boat Barry's say the upper Whakatane is a perfect place to learn skinny water driving, as there's lots of runoff, and no big rocks. Barry's reckon if you can do the upper WHK, the Motu is easy(ish)  

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Have pottered about with this thing a little bit. Things looked at in no specific order.

Put a pair of latches on the front of the lid, hopefully wont fly away in the bumpy stuff, I should probably put a latch or hinge on the rear. With the lid on the engine bay is virtually sealed off aside from a couple vents under the dash and a drain(into the engine bay) in the footwell. I think this thing is pretty buoyant, but I have a fear that if the lid weren't on a decent wave into the engine bay would swamp it perhaps. 

50867710201_fece8bd6d0_o.jpgIMG_20210123_184257_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

Put some strappy guide things on the sides of it, as the back of the hull tapers in and down ever so slightly, and I kept having tiedowns slide off the back if I tied it onto the trailer using intended hooks.

50866989068_2f941ffa43_o.jpgIMG_20210123_185737 by John Bell, on Flickr

Found an engine mount on the other side was about ready to separate, had another spare left over from the donor jetski. In theory I should be aligning the motor to the jet unit/hull using an alignment tool, but its expensive, so yeah.

50867020323_c0b425d84a_o.jpgIMG_20210123_143454 by John Bell, on Flickr

Fitted a China GPS speedo and a tacho/hour meter, haven't tested speedo yet, we'll see. Gauges and controls are a bit of a mismatch, but going for aesthetics with this thing is a bridge too far. Didn't have the correct holesaw at hand, so ignore the gark in the plastic where my stanley blade broke and hooned across the front.

50867710086_d9f780be0d_o.jpgIMG_20210123_184019 by John Bell, on Flickr


I think someone had asked about the hull detail underneath, I found it hard to capture this in a photo, but even harder to describe. There is a raised ridge on each side that runs most of the length of the flatter section. The bottom side is pretty flat once it gets past the initial pointy bit at the front. I think compared to other boats the front isn't very sharp or deep though, and I found when hitting bigger rapidy things, it would often push the nose sideways unless you were at 90degrees. Times like this you'd end up at full lock and throttle to get the nose pointing back upstream. Again I don't have much to compare this to, but it was managable.

50867840377_0b60259026_o.jpgIMG_20210102_112220_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

50867840827_ccfa2bc551_o.jpgIMG_20210102_112133 by John Bell, on Flickr

Also there are plenty of garks and marks all over the bottom, but otherwise it still seems to be the correct shape. I guess if you hit something hard enough it could split? There is a large long line of plastic weld that runs lengthways, hard to get a good look at it as its close to where it rests on the trailer. I'm probably going to pretend everything is fine until water starts to come in from somewhere.

50867840402_c5f64c6d39_o.jpgIMG_20210102_112144 by John Bell, on Flickr

Managed to squeeze the fuel filler neck hose back on for now, but its been cut too short, and will pop off again I imagine. So if anyone knows a source of cheap 54mm (2&1/8inch I think) fuel safe hose, I'm open to options. Picture of the filler not being attached.

50844140472_3f2f3ec3fc_o.jpg2021-01-17_08-23-27 by John Bell, on Flickr

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I also had the finest Aliexpress parts delivery turn up, in the form of a replacement wear ring. It was cheap. Then the other day the a splined tool for removing the impeller turned up, and I had a few mins so had a fiddle.

50925098766_b96fa4a2eb_o.jpgIMG_20210209_182308 by John Bell, on Flickr

Here I will badly document some of the process, what lived inside these was a mystery to me before now, so thought it might be interesting for some.

50972276667_bce78c612a_o.jpgIMG_20210222_152844_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

Undo these, that comes off.

50972169576_eb28286735_o.jpgIMG_20210222_152923_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

Check in here for oil, smells like bad gear oil mixed with ocean smells and bad. Also mostly empty.

50972276397_f2bee30eb6_o.jpgIMG_20210222_153135_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

Undo these

50972168786_912103063d_o.jpgIMG_20210222_153234_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

Secure this end

50971480613_1275699d78_o.jpgIMG_20210222_153712_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

Insert tool into impeller

50972277142_88becabc6c_o.jpgIMG_20210222_152827_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

This didn't work

50971480183_a30059bb34_o.jpgIMG_20210222_153721 by John Bell, on Flickr

This didn't work

50971479888_c351580a22_o.jpgIMG_20210222_153832_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

Put in vice, impeller unscrews

50972275042_66eeb42745_o.jpgIMG_20210222_154907 by John Bell, on Flickr

A seal on the front of the shaft, note wear ring with missing material.

50972167061_0005088467_o.jpgIMG_20210222_154933 by John Bell, on Flickr

A shaft with a thrust bearing

50972274337_74fffc1fa9_o.jpgIMG_20210222_155100_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

Two needle roller bearings in the housing/stator.

50972274077_5fcc0e79bf_o.jpgIMG_20210222_155126_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

OE prop for documentation purposes

50972273272_8363f01e2f_o.jpgIMG_20210222_155207_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

Put the new wear ring in the freezer #meatflexing

50971478193_3f7a10b690_o.jpgIMG_20210222_155359_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

Get your favourite builders chisel and hack the old one out

50972165266_c6812385cc_o.jpgIMG_20210222_165844 by John Bell, on Flickr

Admire your handywork in garking up the housing (its plastic too (its fine))

50972166091_b14105e56a_o.jpgIMG_20210222_165821 by John Bell, on Flickr

Bash the new one in with a piece of wood

50971476988_9fe0390630_o.jpgIMG_20210222_165956_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

Its slightly longer than what was in there, so sticks out a bit, better than the opposite I guess. You get what you pay for I guess.

50972164416_8d7bddd62c_o.jpgIMG_20210222_170343 by John Bell, on Flickr

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This is looking out the ass of the nozzle thing, fairly well sandblasted, but seems sound. Note the two syphon holes for drawing the water out the bilge.

50972271492_31e12b3faa_o.jpgIMG_20210222_171103_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

I don't have bearings or seals right now, so gonna just give it a go with a mind to doing the lot at a later date.
Put the dicer back on, put all the other bits on. Then realise you'll have to pull it apart again to put oil in it when you get some.

50972271372_1819bd621d_o.jpgIMG_20210222_171857_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

There is so little to these things its laughable. Can only find bearings and seals on Aliexpress for the later models, disappointing.

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