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J5's plastic squirty thing.


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So new bearings and oil turned up. Once again disassembled my spare pump, pop out seal, bash out bearings.

50999049077_3a91115dce_o.jpgIMG_20210303_165928 by John Bell, on Flickr

Remove bearings from freezer, bash one into each end, plus a seal in the front end.

50998929521_60900bddc2_o.jpgIMG_20210303_165958_1 by John Bell, on Flickr
50998929281_afceda35e9_o.jpgIMG_20210303_170141 by John Bell, on Flickr
50998928866_eccf388621_o.jpgIMG_20210303_170318 by John Bell, on Flickr

New thrust bearings and washer (?)
50998229648_e9bf01da82_o.jpgIMG_20210303_170430 by John Bell, on Flickr

Impeller back in, this cone thing back on with some locktite, and expensive stupid oil added.
50999047527_7b1f6ccb2a_o.jpgIMG_20210303_172344_1 by John Bell, on Flickr
50998229073_a5bfed95be_o.jpgIMG_20210303_171506 by John Bell, on Flickr

Nozzle and the direction maker thing go back on, ready to swap into boat.
50998928256_8112dd37b9_o.jpgIMG_20210303_172842 by John Bell, on Flickr


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So heres a picture looking up the ass.
51005432462_5415e4d31b_o.jpgIMG_20210304_181654 by John Bell, on Flickr

Notice the hunks of plastic on the mounting bolts, thats to try and recreate the geometry of the back of a jetski. These spacers were probably a little thin, and the mounting bolts were deforming (and cracking in one place) the back of the boat when tight. Add to that a wear ring that sticks out a couple extra mm, and me adding an adhesive neoprene sealing ring thing that would add a couple extra mm, and that made it worse. 
51004619168_5540100280_o.jpgIMG_20210304_181706 by John Bell, on Flickr
51005432127_06659c740d_o.jpgIMG_20210304_181757 by John Bell, on Flickr

I wasn't quite sure of the best way to bodge this. Got some big washers and bent them a bit to try match the shape they tighten onto.
51005431767_e3d93b4f3c_o.jpgIMG_20210304_181815 by John Bell, on Flickr

Then needed to try get the spacers the correct depth between the pump and the boat. Spotted 1/4 of a plastic drum that was containing some Lister parts. Boat = plastic, so same same =/=? 
51004618438_ae95277298_o.jpgIMG_20210304_191741 by John Bell, on Flickr

Test bolt everything to boat, looks OK, I'm a little worried that a might not have the sealing ring compressed enough, and it might suck in. But on removing the pump again it looks pretty well compressed so. Just gonna see what happens. Refit the pump again after this with blobs of sealant all around the water pipes, bolt holes and trim motor holes, plus actually attached the stuff you need to drive. Might find out Sunday if I've done something horribly wrong.
51005320751_c42bcef085_o.jpgIMG_20210305_091040 by John Bell, on Flickr

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So yeah, buttoned up the refreshed pump, went for an outing last month, was expecting a night and day improvement, I mean, its better, but still struggles get a decent 'bite' on the water till you're nearly up on top of the water. Still quite driveable with 1 person, but more noticeable with 2 + extra fuel etc.

Anyway, travelled from Whakatane up to Taneatua, and some distance further up the Whakatane river towards Ruatoki. There was really not a lot of water around at this point in March beyond Taneatua.  Travelled about 65km, used heaps of gas going slow near Whakatane. 

51061655592_10b9196ebf_o.jpg7-3-21 by John Bell, on Flickr

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Managed to obtain 1m of the right size fuel rated hose. Was hoping that I'd get away with using straight hose and it wouldn't kink, as I couldn't find bends.

51123154645_ec59106172_o.jpgIMG_20210320_140755 by John Bell, on Flickr

51122103584_b8e33c8ba6_o.jpgIMG_20210320_150814 by John Bell, on Flickr

Denied, although can just jam your filler nozzle in there and get the job done. It kinda contacts the engine lid and makes it sit up though, so am awaiting some stainless bends from AliExpress to try work something out.

I also bodged a pair of hooks on the back, in case I ever try pull anything or anyone. Was worried that if I wasn't careful whatever I bolted to the back of it would pull through the plastic. So got an offcut piece of marine aluminium, 5 or 6 mm or something. And bolted through that as some kind of doubling plate, with a bit of goo to stop the water. Not exactly aesthetically pleasing, but lets remember what the rest looks like. 

51122360071_646777aa43_o.jpgIMG_20210322_165106 by John Bell, on Flickr51122103259_68f4587584_o.jpgIMG_20210322_165114 by John Bell, on Flickr


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Anyhoo, went back out today with @Vintage Grumble who had @keltik riding along. Started in the Waimana valley, travelled up a wee bit, enjoyable. Turned around and travelled downstream through the Waimana Gorge, turned and travelled up the Whakatane river again towards Ruatoki. Went a bit further than last time as we had rain earlier in the week. Came back down, then up again to finish. Boat went really well, bashed into a bunch of shallow bits, but could have avoided those areas, didn't really find anything overly challenging but was still enjoyable. A+.

Boat is still not hooking up to the water quite as well as I feel like it should. I might try remove the intake grate for some testing, I'm suspicious it isn't big enough, but its just a hunch. 

51122103379_c5b9566ffc_o.jpg18-4-21 by John Bell, on Flickr

Oh yeah, a stag appeared in the river a few hundred meters from where we launched and attempted to flee when we passed him. Didn't look as mobile as perhaps he should have been. Here is some shaky portrait one handed footage of a stag in some bushes, while I get my intake grate blocked with gravel.


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AliExpress delivered some stainless bends for the fuel filler. If I could tig stainless, I'd make some elaborate bend to get around the motor lid and line everything up. 

But I'm a talentless hack so just put about 45degree bend in and a slightly lesser kink and is perfectly funtional.

51122103584_b8e33c8ba6_o.jpgIMG_20210320_150814 by John Bell, on Flickr

51139421891_62135f532a_o.jpgIMG_20210424_094726_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

51140198219_82e0f0b29b_o.jpgIMG_20210424_110310_1 by John Bell, on Flickr

CUSTOM. Will get some slightly more appropriate length clamps on at some time. 

Anyway, pulled a few rocks out the grate.
51140198249_29c773e789_o.jpgIMG_20210424_111847 by John Bell, on Flickr

And went out again last weekend with @Vintage Grumble and @keltik riding along. Above Matahina Dam to below Aniwhenua Dam and return.  Not really anything to report, still doesn't perform quite as well as I'd like with two people, but is perfectly cromulent for the price point.

Map looks the same as the first time we did this earlier in the year (January?). Except with a bit more haste, water and confidence, and a bit less care. Covered about 55km on the return trip, over 3hrs, and was mobile for about 2hrs of that. So covering ground a lot more efficiently on time and fuel with is pleasing.
51149206637_f9e7fa9596_o.jpg24-04-21 by John Bell, on Flickr

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On 01/05/2021 at 22:35, Geophy said:

Chance of a review of the stainless benda as far as weldability? If they are any good would makes stainless projects much cheaper.

The 3/4” bend at the end of this is China SS. From memory it welded fine, but I’m no expert.


I wouldn’t use it for anything particularly important. But would build exhausts out of it for sure.

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