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J5's plastic squirty thing.


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Long time forgot thread.

Trash boat has done a minor amount of zooming around, unsure if I documented every trip

Did the Lower section of the Rangataiki River again, from Thornton at the coast up the the bottom of the Matahina Dam, at new years

52229300155_f5173eb4e9_o.jpgLower Rangataiki 2-1-22 by John Bell, on Flickr

Went and did Otara river in flood in February

51877188347_c869bb1cee_o.jpg13-2-22 Otara River by John Bell, on Flickr

Went to a jetboat NZ slalom day in lake Ohakuri in April

51980704284_3c7e347de5_o.jpgLake Ohakuri 3-4-22 by John Bell, on Flickr

And also a jetboat NZ run in the middle section of Rangataiki River from the Matahina dam to Aniwhenua dam (done before), and some of the upper section of Rangataiki river from the Aniwhenua Dam upwards.

52228816638_3510e798b2_o.jpgMiddle and Upper Rangataiki June 22 by John Bell, on Flickr

Wouldn't mind going back to the upper Rangataiki with a bit more fuel and exploring around.

Overall boat is going well, have done some minor jobs on it. Might get its own post, meh

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