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Nathan's motorcycles.....


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2 hours ago, HighLUX said:


I hope the ktm gods smile upon you and your ktm is a reliable one

Everyone seems to think these older motors are pretty reliable.  We both know it ain't going to be as easy going as the farmers drz, dr or dr but since when have I done things the easy way, lol.

This turned up, 



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12 minutes ago, HighLUX said:

As said by everyone I talked to when looking at bikes

KTMs are awesome 

When they run

Seems like a religion of a kind. First ride with an old mate who lives KTM, has an 1190, a 640 Adventure and a 200EXC. 

What did he ride on Sunday you ask? His mrs's xt225 as the KTMs all needed work. 

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Just now, tortron said:

They have them for other reasons than just starting, but some have no battery no start even with kickstart. You would probably want one to help with the horn/lights

Makes sure the DC ignition system has enough power to keep running

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I have customers who have done shit tons of k's on KTMs and had no trouble at all, and then others who have endless trouble, so it seems to be luck of the draw. I loved riding my 640SM, but the electrical problem that me and the previous owner couldn't sort, drove me nuts, SUCH AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER.  

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2016 Duke indicators arrived and bought some writing stuff to Get it all together.  I have everything I need now to get it physically ready to go.  

I went with factory ktm indicators because they have all the correct legal markings on lenses and body - required for compliance I think.  

Also,  these are so much higher quality than anything iv seen yet available aftermarket. Though this isn't saying much because I usually buy on Ali Express ( and when I don't,  I'm usually buying from a place like Supercheap that probably also buys from AE)

Tires arrived.  Look great.  

Went in to bike shop and ran vin to get deets. Bike is actually an import from southafrica. This explains why the bike has its light switch located to right of speedo- this is usa spec according to Haynes manual.

The whole SA thing might be a problem.  I have now written to KTM nz and KTM South Africa for a Statement Of Compliance...which I may or may not need. 

Have no idea because vtnz in Hamilton is fucking useless. 



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30 minutes ago, flyingbrick said:

I have thought about this,  but Id never use the road wheels. My new mt21s are NEARLY as aggressive as the current mx tires. 


+1 for mt21s, we run em on our vmx bikes and I have the “rally cross” edition on my XL250R. 
they have a thick edge on the knobblies, you won’t be knee dropping like valentino but man they are so good in gravel and shit terrain

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  • flyingbrick changed the title to Nathan's motorcycles.....

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