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Inlet trumpet dyno testing


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1 hour ago, Roman said:

I think this is where people see water spiraling down the bath plug hole and then assume that this is good flow.

Or it wouldnt be @kpr's first run in with a tornado enthusiast hahahaha

I might print some more junk for this 

LOL, so you'd need a left hand thread inlet trumpet for the Southern Hemisphere and a right hand one for the Northern.

What would you use for the Equator? :badgrin:

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8 hours ago, Roman said:




Rather than swirl being the main idea though, it's more that it's a side feed runner so the end can stay capped. 
So maybe we'll get a stronger reflected wave perhaps? 

Will it work? 
Probably not! 

Will it be awful? Maybe not! 
This is why it's fun. 

Will try come up with something else as well.

Looks like a recipe for pumping losses if the end is capped


In saying that, I probably have all the tools required to make those out of aluminium just laying around

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The round pipe at the bottom has an area of 2123mm2 

The six slots have a combined open area of 5058mm2 

So hopefully not too much pumping loss. Probably could have made them skinnier or shorter. 

In hindsight I think the wave will lose too much pressure travelling past the slots.
But it will be interesting to see what length pipe it behaves like.

Easy to make, first one is about 1/3rd done already. They are designed to be printed upside down so it doesnt need any supports.

I dont think they will win any awards for outright power etc, just an extreme test case for trying to catch and reverse a wave with a capped end. 

So might see some weird peaks and troughs in the powerband perhaps. 

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The reason I made my tippy ones previously. 
Is that if theoretically the idea of a really big bellmouth works, then it's going to work less well on the middle ones where you've chopped off so much of the sides. 
Or, it's going to scavenge air out of the adjacent cylidners which seems just as bad. 
Yet as we found out, it didnt help anyway. 
Will be interesting to see how these go! 
Can peach cans please become the baseline test 

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Yup.  my money is on the small white ones working better than the big ones.   well the big ones will just act like a shorter runner.

Will see what i can do to resurrect the peach cans.  although there seems to be more noodle cups  scattered across my kitchen bench  than peach cans at the moment..


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