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  1. Truenotch's BEAMS AE86 racecar discussion

    well thats a silly thing to do wasnt it ,were you wearing beer glasses lol
  2. Romans COD piece

    have you moved back from queenstown dave, im using 2 stage now from 2000 rpm all the way to redline at 8800 rpm
  3. Truenotch's BEAMS AE86 racecar discussion

    also markku we have seen the collets move down the valve with ti valves and regrab the stem in different places to hold on .the weak link is the exhaust valve ,they have a tendency to drop heads
  4. Truenotch's BEAMS AE86 racecar discussion

    so red top, grey top and auto beams uses same springs and valves
  5. Truenotch's BEAMS AE86 racecar discussion

    yes dave valve springs are different on redtop and black top manual or auto black top ,thats why the rev 500 higher cause of ti valves
  6. Truenotch's BEAMS AE86 racecar discussion

    check your collets on the valves and see if they havnt moved ,looking at that bucket looks like you can see the shim impression ,are you still using ti val;ves
  7. Romans COD piece

    more duration on the cams 356 advertised or 274 at 50 thou 540 thou lift... no vvti any more ,52mm quads, bigger extractors and 14.5 to 1 comp with a cnc ported head and bigger valves
  8. Romans COD piece

    and thanks raize rfor putting that up for me to give dave penis envy lol
  9. Romans COD piece

    thats what i do as well, incase any thing happens and you are 5hrs from home
  10. Romans COD piece

    her is my latest graph lol with 52mm quads and 356 advertised cams
  11. Romans COD piece

  12. Romans COD piece

    does your race tracks have real fast hard turns like at 220 kays ,if they have and are like philip island you will damage the crown wheel with no oil protection
  13. Romans COD piece

    dave has the diff housing got baffles inside it 1 ,if it has that .we weld exhaust tube onto the center part of the clip in baffles ,and with diff center worked out we cut the exhaust tubes to suit about 3mm away from the diff side,where the axles slide in ..that will stop the oil moving up and down the axle housing and keep it in the center to lubricate the crown wheel and pinion
  14. looking good michael if your engine goes as good as mike janes it will be a weapon
  15. Romans COD piece

    for 27 coils it should be 8v =5.3 9v=4.2 10v =3.4 11v =2.9 12v=2.5 13v =2.2 14v =2.0 15v =1.8