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  1. more duration on the cams 356 advertised or 274 at 50 thou 540 thou lift... no vvti any more ,52mm quads, bigger extractors and 14.5 to 1 comp with a cnc ported head and bigger valves
  2. and thanks raize rfor putting that up for me to give dave penis envy lol
  3. thats what i do as well, incase any thing happens and you are 5hrs from home
  4. her is my latest graph lol with 52mm quads and 356 advertised cams
  5. lol
  6. does your race tracks have real fast hard turns like at 220 kays ,if they have and are like philip island you will damage the crown wheel with no oil protection
  7. dave has the diff housing got baffles inside it 1 ,if it has that .we weld exhaust tube onto the center part of the clip in baffles ,and with diff center worked out we cut the exhaust tubes to suit about 3mm away from the diff side,where the axles slide in ..that will stop the oil moving up and down the axle housing and keep it in the center to lubricate the crown wheel and pinion
  8. looking good michael if your engine goes as good as mike janes it will be a weapon
  9. for 27 coils it should be 8v =5.3 9v=4.2 10v =3.4 11v =2.9 12v=2.5 13v =2.2 14v =2.0 15v =1.8
  10. also dont bother with the std toyota plug ,buy some ngk in 7 which is a bit colder than the platium tip 1s and cheaper 2 ,i use to melt the platiums when i was reving to 8000 on the 98 fuel
  11. what coils dave 36 or 39 or 27 then i can give you the dwell times
  12. also the dyno will help you to see where the hp dies off and the torque of the motor ,that being said everything i tried on std beams black top with 48 quads and 2stage and race pipes ,still dropped off at 7600 rpm
  13. try starting it say from 50% at 3000 onwards up to redline and blend them together having the out boards at 95% and the inboards at 5%at wot then tune it properly on single stage 1st to see what it makes then do the 2 stage to gether .also add more ign timming in i picked up 15kws from 3500 rpm to my redline and also more torque right across ,then what i had with single stage we also boosted fuel pressure up to 75lbs right across the rev range and on idle
  14. so what was it like running the 2 stage injection
  15. are they like these dave