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J.e.d.'s Walkinshaw Rep friendly discussion thread

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Yea I don’t get it either man.. but in saying that, my partner is Peruvian and she just doesn’t understand the kiwi culture and love for Aussie cars.. anything with a bowtie symbol on the front though she’s all good.

Hmm LSA conversion sounds like an idea. Suspension is the biggie on the list I’ve got lined up in the coming weeks though which I’m looking forward to

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At high school my mates dad had a genuine one and Pete used to do skids in it everywhere. 

Until one service Giltrap Holden charged his dad for a second set of expensive tyres in 6 months. 

Good times.

Sweet car mate. Probably my favorite Holden. 

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Thanks for all the comments so far.. much appreciated..

Along with suspension upgrades will be a bigger diameter rim as I think a car with all this extra padding requires some balance.. 

Here is a test fit I did:



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3 hours ago, Muncie said:

Hey as a side note if you cant be assed with a cert straight away for your new front suspension monroe do a shock with raised spring perches for fitting bigger wheels to small commodores.



Ugh, now I hear about this? :oops: coulda save a few pennies if I'd known haha

All good though man.. I booked this in a while ago with @cletus so she's heading in next week for the re-cert.. fingers crossed all will be straight forward

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