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Hooked Sega (not genuine unit) up to a TV yesterday, Micro Machines FTW. Not a PC, but same sort of era. All the original sega units I have seem to connect via the aerial which is a bit more of a ballache to setup.

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17 hours ago, Bling said:

Won't any IDE drive work? Just won't recogonise the whole space. Been a long time since I've even seen IDE stuff.

I've had issues with other old computers not recognising big 'modern' IDE drives, I might have something that I could partition and see if it works. Also just want to try compact flash since it'll be like having an SSD in the early 90's.


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1 hour ago, Bling said:

We get it m9, you're old.

/Still have all my C64 junk in the wardrobe, tape, 5 1/4" discs, probably no suitable screen.

I never had any amiga / commodore stuff only ever had IBM PC stuff growing up. But I do have an old monitor with a scart connection which is probably for an amiga of some sort.

I remember playing on what must have been a c64 or something in form 1 or what ever it’s called now. There was this game kind of like at Arkanoid except it might have been a moving tank at the bottom and you shoot moving things along the top . I beat the teachers score and he wasn’t happy lol. Wonder what the game was...


Also I remember our first pc was a 386 which dad said the sales man was adamant you’d never need more than the massive 40mb hard drive lol. Before that I’m pretty sure we had a ZX spectrum but my only memory of that was that squishy feeling buttons.

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