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Nick's Datto 1600


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1 hour ago, azzurro said:

I love it,

i was actually looking for one of these, but prices were a bit steep (for me) so i ended up with my blue 125, and it was all downhill from there i guess.

Haha, funny you say that, many years ago my father wanted a 125, turned out they were too expensive for him and he had to settle for a 1600....

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23 hours ago, tortron said:

i have a pair of new red end dashpot springs if thats the ones you want?

H1 carbs dont use them, but some frogeye barries seemed to think they would be a good improvement. i dont think they are. so i dont need them

I have no idea, can the springs be swapped to alter performance? 

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7 hours ago, tortron said:

They come in different strengths. This changes the speed at which the piston rises and drops so can prevent fluttering and alter throttle response

i'll have to check my spares and look into this, could be some fun learning

4 hours ago, Mr.Mk1 said:


Must admit I have been tempted to park next to the 1200 a few times

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Love the car. And +1 for keeping the paint scheme.

I learnt to drive in my Dad's 510. Later on I bought myself a factory original one from an old couple in Christchurch who'd had it from new. I foolishly sold it because I didn't want to spend the dollars to fix the rust it the rear gaurds, rest of the car was surprisingly straight and rust free.

We all make bad life decisions sometimes but you sir have not.

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19 hours ago, radBMX said:

I love this car. Andrew works next door to me from time to time and we got talking after I drove my Datsun to work. Good yarns for sure.

Awesome, good man indeed, he doesn't need much to start a good yarn about Datsuns eh!

I guess he's told you all about this one:


Be sure to pester him at every opportunity as I do, need to be sure it gets completed in a timely fashion.

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