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Flash's 1965 Ford Thames


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HI, love this build and all the thought that has gone into, then you were able to put it in words with pics made a lot of sense.
I have a question........With the vehicle sitting at ride height. If you sit a spirt level ( pointing front to rear) on the bottom of the front cross member is it level? or does the member tilt back and can you measure how much?

I am doing a L300 graft into a '36 Oldsmobile truck chassis.

Thanks Rick

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Thanks very much for the feedback Rick.

I've got the front suspension in pieces at the moment as I'm replacing the lower control arm bushes, but once its all back together I'll happily chuck my digital level on the cross member for you.

I'll send you a PM when I've got the info for you.

Cheers, Gordon

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11 hours ago, CUL8R said:

What about adapting the column from the hiace, and putting the steering universals / guts out of the thames van?

Thanks for the suggestion.

When I first started piecing together the steering/gear change column I discounted the HiAce option, but there has been a lot of water that has passed under the bridge since then.

So, yes you have raised a very valid suggestion and it might be worth my while dragging the HiAce one out for another look. All it's going to cost me is a bit of time.

I really appreciate your input.

Sometimes its difficult to see the wood for the trees, so its good to have a fresh approach suggested.


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the thread was a great read.  I hope you aren't going to give up on trying to get the column shifter set up to work -  i get that it can be frustrating at times. am doing a very similar thing on my dodge pickup though rather than use the original shifter I was going to try and use the one from my hilux column and graft the gearlever from the dodge onto it (might need to extend the length while I'm at it) hopefully that will solve any issue of it resting in the 5/R position as the hilux looks like it uses a spring either side of the shift lever to keep it located central.  either that or  i might bore out the center of the original to match the hilux one

I look forward to the updates 

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Hiya Andrew,

Thanks heaps for taking the time to read my thread and thanks also for the feedback and encouragement. Your project sounds interesting too.

I'd love to be able to get the column shift to work on my van, but the biggest issue is the one that you have highlighted namely being able to get the changer to "rest" in the 3rd and 4th gear position with a push up for 1st and 2nd and a push down for 5th and reverse.

As you have probably already read in my posts, in my case I'm using morse cables for shifting and the "latency" in the cables makes for a very inconsistent result. Sometimes its perfect, other times not. A botched gear change could end up with severe consequences and that's my biggest fear at the moment.

Sadly I haven't had a chance to work on my van for a good few months now, but hopefully i can get back onto it over the winter.

All the best with your setup. Sounds like you are on the right track.

Cheers, Gordo



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1 hour ago, 1963 AP5 said:

For what it's worth I like the Hotwires, I've never seen a Mustang with Cheviot wheels on it before and it makes me smile.

Gives it a down under feel!

Loving the car - well done so far!!

Thanks heaps for the positive feedback @1963 AP5 They are a vast improvement over the modern wheels. I must admit that I'm battling to come to terms with the narrow 205 front tyres on 7J rims as she currently runs a 235 on a 8J up front. I do get a bit of "tram lining" with the wider front wheels but I'm not sure it that is due to worn suspension components or the overly wide tyres. I'm going to try running a 225 up front just to see how it handles.

In terms of final wheel choice I'm currently leaning towards these puppies also in a 15 inch diameter, but maybe with a charcoal or silver painted centre:

US Rambler U111 with spinner.jpg

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