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  1. G'day all, We live just outside of Canberra, heading towards the Snow. I have a '36 Olds truck 1 1/2 ton, that i have removed all the steering, suspension and driveline. It is getting V6 and 700 auto from my sons VT commodore. Just setting u pa L30 front end then a ford/toyota/Mitsi rear end. Just for a fun pickup to get out and about with the wife.
  2. HI, love this build and all the thought that has gone into, then you were able to put it in words with pics made a lot of sense. I have a question........With the vehicle sitting at ride height. If you sit a spirt level ( pointing front to rear) on the bottom of the front cross member is it level? or does the member tilt back and can you measure how much? I am doing a L300 graft into a '36 Oldsmobile truck chassis. Thanks Rick
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