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Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

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Last I checked he was taking flywheel off. 


Hopefully he can get it sorted and away again. His carb was missing a bolt when we got back the other day. 


And from our ride to my place the weekend before his starter motor was missing a bolt also and broke in half and fell out which was his main earth so thats why that was a problem. 

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I metered the charge and trigger wires coming from flywheel and had no resistance on the trigger coil so @Truenotch sorted me a flywheel puller and found the blue wire not attached so must have been casually bouncing loose all this time. 



Then rhyscar welded up my broken starter. Not pretty but I have kickstart if it breaks. Mainly wanting to fill the hole back up for when on gravel.


Almost ready for more adventure testing


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On 18/09/2018 at 20:53, 64valiant said:

Information from last year's chat. 



  • Whakatane to Waiotahi = 31km
  • Waiotahi to Opotiki = 14km
  • Opotiki to Tirohanga Store = 7km
  • Tirohanga to Waihau Bay = 96km
  • Waihau Bay to Te Araroa = 56km
  • Te Araroa to Te Puia Springs = 69km
  • Te Puia Springs to Tokomaru Bay = 11km
  • Tokomaru Bay to Tolaga Bay = 36km
  • Tolaga Bay to Gisborne = 55km
  • Gisborne to Matawai via Rere Falls = 96km
  • Matawai to Tirohanga via Motu road = 71km




Some one was asking about gas kms in the speedcocks chat. This is gas stations in last year's order. 

Here you go

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Keep in mind these fuel stops are the best case scenarios. Most are unmanned, pay at pump kinda thing from memory, but it wouldn't be surprising for one to be out of order, not have the flavour fuel you need (91&diesel only mostly) and quite possibly not have electricity to pump fuel on the Sunday we go through.

Also when figuring out KM/tank remember that round town consumption might be better than wide open terminal velocity, so a bit of a safe margin wouldn't hurt.

I'll get a couple 20's of petrol to ride in the trailer in case anyone gets caught out.



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On 24/10/2018 at 11:52, BLIZZO said:

Update on people who have asked for patches and who have paid , bank acc reminder so you dont need to trawl back

03-0830-0461287-002 just put your OS name as reference. $8 ea.




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